It’s Better to Give Than to Receive…

…but receiving also feels pretty darn good.

A few months back, my Gaga (AKA “The Perfume Lady“) surprised the mister and I with our first official wedding gift!  It was particularly special because it was completely unexpected and out of the blue.

Wanna know what she gave us? (All upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo.)

Our very own fancy flatware!

My Gaga LOVES to go to antique malls and antique stores, and she stumbled upon this beautiful silverplate set by Community during one of her random shopping trips and said she immediately thought of us.  What’s most shocking is that all the pieces are in amazing condition, and it’s an entire set.

From what I’ve gathered on the web, Community is NOW known as Oneida, and on the scale of fancy/expensive flatware, silverplate is the midpoint between stainless steel and silverware.  Basically, I think it’s like stainless steel plated with silver (but I could be wrong about this!)

After a little more research, I found out that our pattern is called “Morning Star” and was made by Community/Oneida in 1948.  It’s a discontinued pattern, obviously, but I really think the design is delicately classy, without being overly ornate.  I love it!

I also love that the set is in its original chest, which makes for good storage and presentation.  Mostly, I just can’t wait to whip these babies out on special occassions and feel like I’ve stepped back into the 1950s as we host some wonderfully fancy dinner parties!  I’m already looking forward to adding to the set over the years, because things like gravy ladles and tomato servers also come in the Morning Star pattern.

Were you surprised by an unexpected or completely thoughtful wedding gift by a family member or friend?  Have you received a wedding gift you didn’t necessarily ask for but were thrilled to receive?


2 thoughts on “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive…

  1. Rachel – There’s a place on the net called Replacements where I have ordered some silverware (stainless) to replace some that were misplaced. They carry all sorts of silverplate and sterling. Just in case you wanted to fill in with pieces. I love the pattern of what you have.

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