“Scentsing” our Approaching Wedding

Now, I realize a wedding day scent might not be a top priority for a lot of brides out there, but I come from a childhood growing up with a grandma who absolutely SPOILED me on the perfume front.  My Gaga now and forever will be known in the blogosphere as the perfume lady.

Flawlessly modeling a blouse she got for Mothers’ Day back in 2008. (Personal photo.)

My Gaga bought me my first real perfume when I was probably about four or five years old and has been steadily helping me add to my collection ever since.  The first perfume I received was a small bottle of L’Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci and I remember fondly admiring the cool, sculpted lid shaped like a pair of doves (or birds of some kind) that topped the sleek, smooth design of the bottle.  The fragrance is soft, light, and ultra feminine and I was able to wear it on special occasions like Easter, Christmas, and dance recitals.

Naturally, since L’Air du Temps was my first official perfume, there’s a sort of nostalgic connection to it.  If I wore it on my wedding day, it would definitely be a nod to my grandma, and to my childhood in general.  However, I’m not so sure I want to wear the same perfume on my wedding day that I wore as a four year-old.  Something in me wants to wear something a bit more mature, and something new that I can attribute specifically to our wedding day and nothing else.

Another scent I’m currently considering is something that Gaga might not exactly approve of as a legitimate wedding day perfume, especially since it comes from Bath and Body Works.  Don’t get me wrong–Gaga loves the BBW collections, but I can definitely picture her scoffing slightly at the idea of NOT wearing something of high quality.  However, BBW’s “Sweet Pea” is Mr. A’s favorite scent.

I put some on before one of our first dates and the minute I climbed into his truck he knew what scent it was and told me it was his favorite (I guess that’s what comes from being raised in a house full of women!)  Ever since then, I’ve worn it on special date nights or times when I want to drive him crazy. 😉  Sweet Pea would be a familiar, comforting scent to Mr. A on our wedding day.  However, I’m just not sure if it’s “special” enough, and the fact that its only an eau de toilette pretty much means the fragrance won’t last through the entire night.

The third fragrance I’m currently considering is what I like to refer to as my “signature scent.”  Gaga bought it for me before I went to prom my sophomore year, and its a fragrance that I feel like completely represents my style and personality.  It’s called “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker.

I’ve already been through two bottles of this stuff, so I think it’s safe to say that I wear it a LOT.  I really do love it, though–it has a lot of musky, earthy undertones with sweet hints at the top, so its feminine.  I feel like it’s really kind of a timeless fragrance and one that isn’t too heavy for everyday wear but also works for special occasions, too.  However, since I wear it a lot already, I’m worried that it won’t be “special” enough for my wedding day.  Ergo, I still have a couple of “new” fragrances I’m considering.

There are two fragrances currently in the running that I’ve never actually owned before.  One is “Romance” by Ralph Lauren.  I was impressed by the little pull apart perfume tab in an issue of Brides magazine I bought, and the fragrance has stuck with me ever since.  I love the ultra feminine floral notes it has, but maybe I’m just in love because it smells very similar to “Lovely” by SJP.  Either way, its still a contender.  I want to stop by a department store soon and try it on to see how it fairs with my body chemistry throughout the day.

Image via Fragrance Ads (Original photo in April 2012 Cosmopolitan Magazine)

The final fragrance I’m considering is one I stumbled upon last night in an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  It’s Christian Dior’s “Miss Dior Cherie.”  HOWEVER, for anyone who cares out there in the perfume world, “Miss Dior Cherie” is now being advertised in a new campaign with Natalie Portman, and is now simply being called “Miss Dior.”  The ORIGINAL “Miss Dior” perfume is now being referred to as “Miss Dior Original.”  So, I guess although the fragrance I’m currently lusting over is TECHNICALLY “Miss Dior Cherie,” that fragrance name doesn’t exist anymore in the department stores.

The fragrance mixes sweet notes of tangerine and sultry undertones of jasmine and a hint of patchouli.  It screams springtime and elegance to me, and its fragrance notes are a nod to both BBW’s “Sweet Pea” AND SJP’s “Lovely.”  I rubbed the magazine sample on my wrists and collar bone the other night and Mr. A couldn’t get enough of it.  Although it might not scream “sophistication,” it certainly is sweet, romantic, and floral, which is the tone we’re trying to set for the wedding to begin with.

So, now I’m stuck on the fragrance front and have some major smelling and sniffing to do before I make an official decision on my wedding day scent!  What are some of your favorite fragrances?  Do you tend to be drawn to sweet, floral notes like myself, or are you more of a spicy, musky fragrance lover?


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