Where We’ll Dance the Night Away

When it came to looking at reception spaces, the options for us were few and far between.  Unfortunately, small town weddings lots of times don’t offer many choices for wedding venues, so many times you’re just stuck with what you get.

Of the three or four reception venue options that were available, one stuck out to us as being the “ideal” wedding reception space–the local civic center.

The local Junior Service League’s annual charity ball is held here every year, and the venue is well kept and includes an equipped kitchen.  Basically, the main room is like a huge, open space–a clean slate, if you will.  Round tables and chairs also come with the venue rental, and luckily for us, it fell within our budget.  What it DOESN’T come with are table linens or any of the “extras” that many wedding reception venues offer.  Fortunately, since the price of renting the place isn’t too steep, we’ll be able to afford to provide the extras ourselves.

Mr. A at this year’s JSL Charity Ball. You can kind of see the reception space in the background. That’s as good of an interior shot as I’ve got. (Photo by Miss Armadillo.)

Although the main room is pretty enormous, there are partitions that can be pulled out to block off sections of the main space to make it a bit more intimate, which is most likely what we’ll do.  Another bonus is that a local hotel is right next to the civic center, which would be a great option for out of town guests to use–that already makes me feel better than letting our family and friends get behind the wheel after a night of celebrating with us.

So, although there weren’t a whole lot of options for us as far as reception spaces go, I do think using the local civic center is the best option for us, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do to the space to transform it into a dreamy, elegant evening garden party!

Were you limited on your available choices when it cme to picking your reception space?


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