You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Since we’re in the weird, transitionary phase in the journey of wedding planning, I’ve been scouring the net for inspiration photos to add to my increasingly gigantic collection of what I like to call my “wedding look.”  I’ve gathered enough inspiration that I think we’ve solidified the overall vision and over-arching theme for the day, which gives me more time to focus on things like meaningless (albeit breathtaking) details.

Like, for example, umbrellas.

Umbrellas have no significant meaning to me other than keeping my curly hair in check on rainy days–I don’t have an umbrella collection, I don’t know every song ever written about umbrellas, and I don’t dream about umbrellas when I go to bed at night.  But stick them in a wedding scenario, and z’omg, they’re GORGEOUS.

If I think about it closer to the wedding day, I’m really considering renting a sweet, romantic, lace umbrella from Bella Umbrella, an online umbrella rental company that specializes in vintage wedding umbrella rentals.  Most of the more ornate umbrellas are $20 to rent, and you get it for 5 days.  I’ve got my eye on this one:

Image via Bella Umbrella

Is it a necessary purchase?  Nope.  Will it have a huge impact on the wedding day?  Not a chance.

Will it provide an opportunity for some freakin’ sweet wedding photos?  You betcha!

Are you currently obsessed about a random “wedding day” item that really has no effect on the wedding itself?  Are you drooling over the uber romantic photo ops with wedding umbrellas like I am?  Has anyone been a Bella Umbrella customer and could share their experience?


8 thoughts on “You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

  1. yes! i love this. i also love a cute photobooth like area that is all decorated for your guests to sit on a couch or something an take pictures. especially if they had a cute blackboard or something to write notes on to you in the pictures! i will talk to you about it more later. i have some examples online. 😉
    and i totally think the umbrellas are NECESSARY! but that´s because you know me.

    • The wedding photobooths are so cute! The logistics aspect of it is what kills me, though, because lots of times those are done through whoever you hire as a photographer, and our photographer doesn’t do those. 😉


      • could you set up your camera on a tripod or something? someone you know have a nice camera? hell, i´ll borrow patxi`s haha 😉

      • That would be a good idea so long as we have someone willing to stand around all night and keep an eye on it. I worry about things small like that walking off and disappearing, especially since we don’t have the entire building reserved, just the main room and the kitchen. 😉

  2. Hi! If you end up going with one of our umbrellas, be sure to send us your photos. We love seeing how our umbrellas are used and sometimes feature submissions on our blog. I hope you have a wonderful wedding day.

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