Arm in Arm: Broken Bustles and Oak Trees

Immediately following the family portrait session, the plan was to head out to the community park for some creative outdoor shots with the bridal party.  Mama Dillo pulled me aside to help me with my bustle and change my necklace while the rest of the crew and our photographer headed toward the park.  After a couple of seconds of struggling behind me, I heard her mutter an unmentionable word and I jerked my head around.  “What happened?”

“The bustle broke!” she sputtered, and I bit my lip in worry, trying to keep myself from freaking out.  There were a few ladies still in the sanctuary, so my mom called out to them.  “Anybody have some safety pins?”  A few ladies came over with some, and she bunched up the train of my dress and safety-pinned the layers to the bottom of my bodice.  Giving her a shrug, I gathered up the rest of my gown, gave her a quick hug, and climbed into BM Mascara’s car to head over to the park.

Meanwhile, Mr. A and his groomsmen were already there, goofing off in front of our photographer.  That’s when these little gems were captured:

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 183


Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 184


Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 185


I finally did arrive, however, and as I was climbing out of the vehicle, guess what?  The safety pins holding the train of my dress up popped and went completely MIA.  I immediately had a mental “eff it” moment, made my way over to the group, explained what had happened and why I was 30 minutes late, and let the train of my dress drag through the dirt, leaves and sticks in the park.  There was no point in crying over spilt milk, now!  I’d just have to hope there would be a way to fix it once I got to the reception so we’d be able to comfortably dance all night long.

Then, we got to work with some group shots!

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 188

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 189

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 190

The next photo is one of my favorites from our day.  It shows off all the pretty colors and textures in my bouquet, which I was 100% absolutely IN LOVE WITH.  Our florist took everything into account that I’d asked for and completely delivered on them.  He was able to utilize bright shades of purple and green, highlight my favorite flower (tulips), incorporate some kale into the greenery, and gave me the asymmetrical, garden-like feel I’d asked for.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 191

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 192

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 193

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 194

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 195

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 196

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 197

At the end of it all, our bridal party headed to the reception and our photographer told us to stay put at the park for two or three minutes before we joined them, that way he could get set up for our grand entrance!  We climbed into Mr. A’s car and sat there for a few seconds before we both busted out laughing.  “We did it!” we exclaimed.  It was the first moment we had alone together to really let everything sink in. We were married!  We were husband and wife!  We kissed and I leaned my head against his shoulder as we let the few brief moments of quiet bliss wave over us.  When the clock on the center console hit the three minute mark, Mr. A started up the car and we made the drive over to the reception, where all our friends and family were waiting to greet and congratulate us!

Did you have time to take some outside or creative shots with your bridal party?  Anyone else have a bustle break on their gown (or a minor catastrophe of equivalence?)

armadillo wedding recaps graphic

armadillo wedding recaps graphic 2


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