Arm in Arm: Talent Oozes out of My Family and I Kiss My Husband for the First Time!

OMG, Hive!

First of all, I just want to say how incredibly bad I feel for such a big gap in my recap posts.  So much change has happened in the Armadillo household the past few weeks!  I was a bridesmaid in BM Mascara’s wedding the first weekend of June, which understandably took up a big chunk of my attention.  Then, after weeks of deliberation, I quit my job.  I’ve been working on two productions with our local community theater (assisting with directing for one and acting in the other.)  And then, out of the blue, I was offered and accepted a new position at the local jewelry store in town!  It’s not necessarily a career path, but it’s definitely something to help pull in extra cash for when we start paying off Mr. A’s student loans, and who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by diamonds for a living?!  I start my new job and training to be an accredited jewelry professional on Monday, which means I’ll get to be around beautiful sparkly things all day long and GET PAID FOR IT.  I’m pretty stoked because the job means peace of mind for me, a pay raise, and a much better working environment.  I win!

With that out of the way, let’s pick back up with the re-cappin’, shall we?  We last left off with mine and Mr. A’s vows to each other.  Immediately following those, we went into lighting our unity candle while MOH Henna and Bromadillo stepped up to the pulpit to sing a gorgeous duet.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 130

Doing the unity candle was something Mr. A expressed interest in during our pre-marital sessions with Pastor Mark.  I totally didn’t even want to do the unity candle thing, but since Mr. A had voiced very little in terms of opinions about the ceremony or reception, I knew we needed to include it!  I took a last minute trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few glass candle holders, two of the long, thin candles, a large green pillar candle, and a decorative pin to glue to the front of the green one.  It looked great, it was surprisingly fun to do, and it gave my brother and cousin the perfect opportunity to show off their pipes!

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 129Bromadillo and MOH Henna sang “The Prayer,” which is a song I’ve loved since I was in high school after singing it myself with Papa Dillo at a few local weddings.  I think the words perfectly sum up the thoughts and hopes of me and Mr. A for both ourselves and our loved ones, and the juxtaposition of the English with Italian translation in the duet was absolutely gorgeous.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 131

I pray You’ll be our eyes

And watch us where we go;

And help us to be wise

In times when we don’t know.

Let this be our prayer

When we lose our way;

Lead us to a place,

Guide us with Your grace

To a place where we’ll be safe.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 133

We ask that life be kind;

And watch us from above.

We hope each soul will find

Another soul to love.

Let this be our prayer,

Just like every child.

Need to find a place,

Guide us with Your grace,

Give us faith so we’ll be safe.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 134

Here’s the thing, though; lighting the unity candle took all of 20 seconds, so choosing a 3 minute song to accompany that action wasn’t the best idea in the world.  This meant for majority of the song, Mr. A and I just stood there staring at each other, giving each other googly eyes and whispering about the ceremony.  At one point, Mr. A leaned in and said something to the effect of “I don’t know what they’re saying, but they sound good!”  This caused the below reaction:

This is my "ordinarily I wouldn't find what you said so funny, but I'm all nervous and excited and overflowing with love that it's hilariously adorable" smile.  :)

This is my “ordinarily I wouldn’t find what you said so funny, but I’m all nervous and excited and overflowing with love that it’s hilariously adorable” smile. 🙂

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 135

When Bromadillo and MOH Henna finished, the congregation erupted into applause.  I was SO PROUD of them for pulling off such a difficult song (both parts required pretty wide vocal ranges and half the song was sung in Italian, no less!)  In the end, I was glad I asked them to sing “The Prayer.”  It might have been a tad awkward to stand with Mr. A in front of a room full of people for that long with nothing to do, but the performance was sooooooo worth it.  And it made the ceremony that much more meaningful with two of my favorite people in the world offering up such a gorgeous and moving song.

After that, all that was left was the kiss!  Bromadillo and MOH Henna resumed their places with the rest of the bridal party, Pastor Mark declared us husband and wife, and told Mr. A he could kiss me.  And kiss me, he did!

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 136

Pastor Mark really enjoyed our first kiss as husband and wife.  Not sure what that was all about, but whatever!


And with that, we were announced as Mr. and Mrs.!

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 139

I grabbed my bouquet from MOH Henna…

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 140

And we made the long walk down the short aisle as husband and wife!

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 142

The next picture is funny…do you see the little arm sticking out from the pew on the right?  That would be one of Mr. A’s nephews, who pointed at his uncle and proclaimed, “You kissed her!”  He sure did, kid.  He suuuuuuuure did.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 143

After an excruciatingly long morning and afternoon, I was ready to PARTY!  Here’s my “OMG, I’m so glad I’m finally married” face:

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 145

After we left the congregation to a mixture of “Ode to Joy” and the traditional wedding march, our families were escorted back out of the sanctuary, followed by all our guests.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 146

One of the best pictures of the day is this one of my dad.  This is the most genuine, happy smile ever, and I’m so glad our photographer was able to capture it!  It pretty much sums up the vibe of the entire day.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 147

And with that, it was family portrait time!

Did you have any special music performed at your ceremony by a family member or other guest?

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