Arm in Arm: Dad Causes a Sobfest

Up until this point in our big day, I only had the minor urge to cry once (while reading Mr. A’s love letter to me.)  However, I was resolved to hold back the waterworks for as long as possible because I just really hate crying in front of people and didn’t want any of those ugly cry pictures (I’m not a pretty crier) in our wedding album.  The song I had chosen for my entrance, however, was one that I knew would get people emotional, especially my family, whose little girl had grown up and was now transforming into being a woman and wife.  No one except for Mama Dillo, our pianist, and Mr. A knew what I was walking down the aisle to until this exact moment, and the feeling I expected to have as the doors flung open and I made my descent with Papa Dillo in tow was not even close to the exhilaration, emotion, happiness and something that could only be described as utter bliss that I actually felt.  In that moment, I was in Heaven.

Our pianist started to play the faint, yet immediately recognizable tune of “When You Wish Upon a Star” in the effortless and emotional arrangement heard here (seriously, you’re gonna want to play this one):

I’ll admit, when the doors first opened, my eyes fell upon Pastor Mark, probably because he was front and center.  I quickly found Mr. A, though, and his soft and highly emotional smile put the hugest grin on my face.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 103

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 102


Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 105



As Papa Dillo and I began our walk, I could hear some of our guests start to whisper and gesture over to him.  I could feel him shaking next to me, and broke my gaze with Mr. A to look over at my sweet dad.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 104


HE. WAS. BAWLING.  Like, sobbing, red-faced, tears everywhere–the real deal.  This, in turn, caused a major chain reaction, as my Gaga bawled…

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 107


Mama Dillo strong-chinned it out…

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 108


Pastor Mark let it all out…

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 106


And there’s even evidence of my bridesmaids being incapable of controlling themselves, as seen here (thank goodness MOH Henna stashed tissues in the pockets of her dress!)

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 110


The music ended perfectly with our walk down the aisle, and once Papa Dillo put my hand into Mr. A’s, the waterworks came.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 112


All the while, though, Mr. A did nothing but give me that sweet, dependable, “I’m so friggin’ in love with you and can’t wait to marry you” smile (which is, in fact, a real thing.)

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 109


Pastor Mark took a deep breath, blinked away his tears, and said something to the effect of, “Gee, I hope I can get through this,” which of course made everyone in the congregation laugh.

Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 111


And just like that, we were ready to start the real meat of the ceremony!  After such an emotional entrance, I was more than ready to say our vows and start my next big adventure with the love of my life right by my side.


Hodges-Helmick Wedding (For FB)_130318 - 114


What song did you use to enter the ceremony with, or what are you planning to use as your processional song?  Do you expect your ceremony to be an emotional one?  Is your dad typically not a crier, and did he/do you think he’ll cry on your wedding day?

armadillo wedding recaps graphic


armadillo wedding recaps graphic 2



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