Arm in Arm: Who’s Gonna Light These Candles?

You guys, the morning of our wedding day was insane.

The original plan was to wake up around 7:30 and get to the reception venue by 8, since that was when we’d officially be able to get inside to start setting up.  But staying up until 3 in the morning the night before tends to put a wrench in any early wake-up plans, so I realistically didn’t wake up until around 8:30.  By that time, Mr. A and his groomsmen had already made it to the venue with Papa Dillo and were arranging tables and chairs and putting tablecloths down, so I threw on some jeans and a bra, pulled my hair up in a messy knot on the top of my head, packed my car full of wedding junk, and made my way over.

A sleepy and slightly disoriented Mr. A awaiting his set-up instructions from yours truly.

A sleepy and slightly disoriented Mr. A awaiting his set-up instructions from yours truly.

We had a TON of people head over that morning to help with setting up the reception area, but even with all the hands we had, it still took well into the afternoon to finish everything.  After all, we had to string lights and hook up chandeliers, set up the tablescapes, put out all the beverage items, set up the cake and gift tables, and get everything orchestrated so the entire room flowed in a logical and cohesive way (which was actually way more difficult than I thought it would be!)

BM Dancer's boyfriend and Bromadillo working on getting the chandeliers set up.

BM Dancer’s boyfriend and Bromadillo working on getting the chandeliers set up.

During that time, the kegs were delivered and the guys brainstormed a way to keep them cold without having them sweat all over the tile floor of the venue.

How can you have a Texas wedding without Shiner Bock?

How can you have a Texas wedding without Shiner Bock?

I stayed and helped with the reception set-up as long as I possibly could, mostly because I wanted to wait for our baker to deliver the wedding cake so I could see what it looked like and make sure everything was a-ok.  I was told it would be delivered around noon, but when 1 o’clock came and went, I cut my losses and decided to just trust that it would be there when we walked into the reception after the ceremony was over.  I still had the church to decorate and to get myself beautified!  And with just a few hours until lift-off, I couldn’t waste any more time at the reception venue when there was still so much more to be done.  On my way out, however, it was brought to my attention that we never delegated anyone to light the 300+ candles that were now scattered on all the tabletops!  We made some quick calls, however, and my aunt, Bromadillo’s girlfriend and BM Dancer’s boyfriend all happily agreed to arrive at the venue around 3:30 that afternoon to light candles so that they’d all be glowing beautifully by the time our guests made it there following the ceremony.  Potential crisis averted!

I made it to the church with decor in hand at around 1:15 and was able to get a glimpse of my bouquet, Mr. A’s boutonniere, and the corsages for our mothers and grandmothers.  It immediately made me giddy with excitement to see everything else come together, and I started to work on decorating the sanctuary before MOH Henna and BM Dancer arrived to help.  We had the entire church done in about 30 minutes, and at 1:45, I rushed home to shower and pack my things to take back to the church to get ready.

We had made plans to meet the photographer back at the church at 2 o’clock, so I knew I was running way behind schedule.  To top it off, by that time my feet were KILLING me to the point that once I got in the shower (AKA my first chance to relax that entire day) I sat down on the shower floor and massaged my own feet (TRUTH.  Recaps are gettin’ real, y’all!)  I rushed to get dressed and pack my gown and accessories into my car, and was on my way out the door when I realized I hadn’t eaten a single thing all day!  My mom grabbed one of the defunct cupcakes I had made days before and handed it to me, and I downed it with a small glass of milk before rushing out to meet everyone at the church.  It was 2:45 by the time I made it there, and knew at that exact moment that any chance of coveted “getting ready” photos was out of the question for my girls and me.  Que sera, sera, right?  I couldn’t get bogged down and mopey over something like that.  I needed to focus on getting my makeup and hair done and preparing myself for what would be an even more hectic evening!

Did you end up running behind schedule on the morning of your wedding?  What did YOU eat on your wedding day?  Did you have to set up the reception venue the morning of or were you able to get the decorating done beforehand?

armadillo wedding recaps graphic

armadillo wedding recaps graphic 2


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