Arm in Arm: The Armadillo Wedding Recaps!

Well, hive, guess what today is?  Mr. A and I have offically been an old married couple for an entire month!  I seriously can’t believe how fast time has flown by, but married life is seriously even more awesome and amazing than I ever thought it would be.  It’s taken a bit of time to adjust to us being on random work schedules (I’m a consistent 8-5er and Mr. A alternates between day and night shifts.)  But that amazing guy of mine sweetens the deal as much as possible by doing things like bringing me breakfast in bed when he gets off at 6:45 in the morning. (Best way to wake up EVER.)  He may be spoiling me too much for my own good, but you’ll get no complaints from me!

Since we’re marking one month after tying the knot today, I thought it would be the perfect time to start our recaps.  Our $8500 day was full of emotion, stress, excitement, euphoria, and literally everything in between.  I want to share as many of those feelings with you as possible because I feel like that’s what really brings the bees’ recap posts to life.  Even with the little hiccups and stresses the day brought, though, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  I’ll take you through the entire experience, from the day before the big day to when we climbed into our getaway vehicle and pulled away from our reception venue.  At the end, I plan on doing a budget breakdown post because when I was wedding planning, I found the bees’ posts about where they spent their budget to be the most helpful thing ever.  Last but not least, I’ll offer some tips and guidelines from the other side for brides who are planning on doing pretty much everything themselves like we did.

Hive, thank you so much for following me on our wedding planning journey.  Now, you’ll get to see where all of those planning posts led.  It is SO SATISFYING to take in how everything we worked on for 18 months came to life, and I can’t wait to share everything with you!  Your input and participation has been such an invaluable part of this experience, and I feel so lucky to have been able to share our wedding planning adventure with such an inspiring and supportive audience.  Your advice, encouragement, and stories of commiseration all these months have been utterly and absolutely priceless to me.  It’s only fair that you get to see what all your input resulted in!

And so, without further adieu, let the Armadillo wedding recaps BEGIN!


Mrs. Armadillo

armadillo wedding recaps graphic


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