Lone Star Lovin’: A Sweet Surprise!

After a day full of wandering half of main street and getting our fill of delicious food and Fredericksburg history, Mr. A and I headed back to our room for a lazy night in.  We lugged our Chinese takeout back to home base, opened the door, and found this waiting for us on our coffee table:



Leslie had left us a plate of delicious chocolate-covered strawberries and a sweet handwritten note.  Seizing the opportunity, we threw our takeout in the fridge, grabbed the bottle of the Messina Hoff Riesling we had bought at Crossroads the night before along with a couple of wine glasses, and took our plate of treats outside to adventure on the Hoffman Haus grounds.

We ended up stopping in the estate’s garden to enjoy our wine and strawberries.  The atmosphere was perfection.  We sat nearby a quaint little Koi pond where we could hear the soft sound of water trickling and take advantage of the aroma of someone firing up their barbecue grill not too far away.



I can’t stress enough how delightfully refreshing it was to be able to sit there, sip on our sweet glasses of wine, and have our conversation filled with something other than wedding talk.  We were able to catch up on US–how things at work had been going, how we were going to arrange our living room furniture, what we wanted to do once we got back from the honeymoon–you know, normal people conversations.  It felt so good to be “us” again.

About halfway through our little leisure time in the garden, one of Leslie’s cats, Charlie, paid us a visit.  He had no reservations at all about hopping right up in my lap and enjoying a moment of or two of being scratched behind the ears.  Normally I’m not too much of a cat person, but Charlie’s fur was so soft and I couldn’t help but get a kick out of how loud he was purring.

Leslie had fittingly named him after Charlie Chaplin.  Love that little dark spot under his nose!

Leslie had fittingly named him after Charlie Chaplin. Love that little dark spot under his nose!

After a couple of minutes of indulging Charlie’s petting request, I plopped him back down on the ground and away he went!  Mr. A and I finished our wine, inhaled one last breath of fresh, hill country air, and made our way back to the room to scarf down our takeout and relax for the evening.

Up next, our final full day of our Hill Country adventure finds us eating some kick ass German food, playing “I Spy,” and taking in some truly breathtaking scenery!


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