Lone Star Lovin’: Good Eats and a History Treat

After our whirlwind of a first day in Fredericksburg, waking up to the soft, heavenly sound of a polite knock on our door and a cheerful, “Good morning, breakfast!” was exactly what this newlywed couple needed.  I opened my eyes to see faint streaks of sunlight bouncing off the exposed beams of the vaulted ceiling in our room:


Mr. A slipped out from underneath the covers of our cloud-like California king bed, made his way to the front door, and cracked it open to find a cheery staff member holding an adorable vintage picnic basket.  After she had given the basket to him, he made his way back to the bed and I sat up as we opened it to see what goodies lay inside for us.



Leslie had created a culinary breakfast masterpiece.  We noshed on egg and spinach quiche, fresh fruit, browned sausage patties, and warm apricot scones.  I savored every bite in between sips of ice cold apple juice, and Mr. A and I gave ourselves a lazy Monday morning.  When we finally did venture out of bed and get ready for the day, we made a plan of action and decided to eat lunch first at a fun place called West End Pizza Company, that way we could walk off our food the rest of the afternoon.

West End Pizza Company is almost at the very end of main street and offers tons of delicious pizzas made in the restaurant’s brick oven.  We couldn’t resist ordering some garlic knots as an appetizer, and washed them down with some delicious flavored frozen margaritas.

Cute interior of West End Pizza Co.

Cute interior of West End Pizza Co.

Our pizza came not too long after.  Mr. A ordered the “West End,” which included sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms and olives.  I had the margarita pizza, which had big, juicy slices of tomatoes, chunks of creamy mozzarella and fresh basil leaves sprinkled on top.  It was amazing.



The rest of the afternoon, we walked up the right side of main street.  There were tons of shops to look in, and we had a ton of fun!  We stopped in one shop that sold ice cream cones and treated ourselves to some cool, creamy goodness:

Mucho chocolate and strawberries in cream.  Yum!

Mucho chocolate and strawberries and cream. Yum!

The pinnacle of our first day in town, however, was a trip to the Admiral Nimitz museum.  FYI, Admiral Nimitz was appointed to control of Pearl Harbor immediately following the attacks during WWII.  The portion of the museum dedicated to him is in the hotel where he lived as a boy.  The back of the hotel opens up into a courtyard remembering WWII soldiers, and then the main attraction is the George Bush Gallery in the back, which tells the story of the conflict between the U.S., Japan, and China leading up to WWII.  No one really talks about the conflict in the Pacific during WWII in school, so I found this particular part of the museum experience pretty fascinating. The George Bush Gallery serves as the National Pacific War museum, too.  It’s pretty cool.

The building looked so cool!

The building looked so cool!

This section of the courtyard was dedicated to the 10 consecutive U.S. presidents who served in WWII.   Cool, huh?

This section of the courtyard was dedicated to the 10 consecutive U.S. presidents who served in WWII. Cool, huh?

Japanese war plane in the George Bush gallery.

Japanese war plane in the George Bush gallery.

After our trip through the museum and an entire day of walking main street, we were totally tired.  So, we picked up some Chinese food to take back to our room and decided to call it a night.

Up next, we get back to our room at the Hoffman Haus and are greeted with a sweet surprise!


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