Being a Bridezombie

People like to use the term “bridezilla” a lot to describe the unrealistic demands of brides, particularly in the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding.  Some people brides deal with stress by bossing other people around, freaking out, and otherwise going bananas (a co-worker of mine recently talked about his cousin getting married a couple of weekends ago and how absolutely unbearable she was to be around the week before her wedding.)  I’ve found that when my stress levels are high, I don’t go crazy and flip my lid.  Quite the contrary.  I feel so lost and helpless that I essentially become useless, walking around like I have no idea what’s going on and getting maybe four hours of sleep every night due to the crap floating around in my head.  I’m a bridezombie.

However, bridezombies like me aren’t COMPLETELY useless.  In fact, over the weekend and past couple of days, we’ve accomplished a TON of wedding stuff!

I gave my Kitchenaid a workout and baked 5 dozen French vanilla cupcakes from scratch.  They taste fantastic.  Trust me on this one.

I gave my Kitchenaid a workout and baked five dozen French vanilla cupcakes from scratch.  They taste fantastic.  Just trust me on this one.


While I had the mixer out, we decided to go ahead and do a “trial run” of the groom’s cake.  Here’s how it turned out! (For the wedding, we’ll have three Lego bricks in different colors stacked in a topsy turvy fashion.)

The fondant wasn't all that smooth, but I feel like it was a good first run!

The fondant wasn’t all that smooth, but I feel like it was a good first run!

I also bought a bunch of 10-inch paper doilies and tried my hand at making cupcake wrappers after the ones on Etsy made my wallet cry:


I also made a few other fun paper craft projects like some banners to hang off the cake table, gift table, and head table, and also got to work on our ceremony programs!



My amazing Mama Dillo painstakingly de-wrinkled 40 tablecloths and hung them up so they’re ready to go on Saturday:


Mr. A added fun little tags to our sparklers (yep, we’re doing the big sparkler send-off!)


And I made some cute framed signs utilizing our engagement pictures to put on our late night snack (hint hint!), alcoholic beverage, sparkler, and guest book tables:







Things still on our to-do list?  Turning some hula hoops and icicle lights into makeshift chandeliers:



Transforming some old, beat-up windows into a rockin’ photo display:



Cleaning up a load of glass jars to use as part of the table decor at the reception:



And a PLETHORA of other things, like getting the manzanita branch centerpieces in order, making a stand for our wedding cake, and buying all the little things like wet wipes for our guests’ fingers after they stamp our guest book (there’s a junk-load of stuff on our “still need to buy” list.)  We still have a lot to do, but I’m feeling much better about things now.  Everyone’s pitching in and making an effort to get this wedding pulled off.  A family friend even offered to put together our baby’s breath bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, which takes a humongous load off of me!  Everything’s coming together. I finally feel like I can start to breathe a little bit, and I’m no longer terrified of what stresses and frustrations Saturday will provide.  BRING IT ON!

What projects did you work on during the week leading up to your wedding?  What were the things you decided to cut or leave out that were originally on your to-do list?

P.S.-I FINISHED MY SHOES!  (Just thought I should share. 🙂 )



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