Mini-Mooning in the Lone Star State

Well, folks, I think I might as well just come right out and say it:  Mr. A and I almost weren’t going to have a honeymoon of any kind after the wedding.

And to be honest, I was pretty okay with it.  I mean, we’re both fresh out of college and trying to save up for a house in the next year, not to mention we’re both fairly new to the jobs we currently have and haven’t accrued much vacation time.  I told Mr. A I’d be totally okay with just taking a fun trip on our first anniversary, especially after he told me he would most likely be called in for overtime the week after the wedding and there would be no way he could get out of it without using up most of his vacation time.

But then, as the weeks went by and we were both becoming increasingly more stressed about the wedding, there was nothing that sounded better than escaping for a few days after the reception to have some MUCH NEEDED R&R.  So, what solution did we come up with?  We’re mini-mooning for three days in the Lone Star State!  Mr. A is using up about half of his vacation hours, and my boss has graciously given me a few days off after the wedding to go enjoy some time with my newly-minted husband.  I’m so excited!  But where are we headed, you ask?

Well, after a couple of days of deliberation and compromise, Mr. A and I have decided to drive up to the quaint, hill-country town of Fredericksburg to bask in total relaxation at one of the many bed and breakfasts in the area.  We’ve booked the Morning Star room at the Hoffman Haus B&B, and we’re totally psyched!  I mean, look at the rustic elegance of this place:

The Morning Star room is set up in one half of a log cabin from the 1840’s and includes a limestone fireplace, a California king-sized bed, a jacuzzi bathtub, and our own covered front porch with glider chairs to sit and take in the beautiful view.  I think the coolest thing about the Hoffman Haus is how they serve breakfast to you each morning; instead of meeting with a bunch of strangers in a dining room every morning to get your vittles, the Hoffman Haus staff brings a “chef’s choice” breakfast spread to you door at nine a.m. every day, packed in an adorable picnic basket.  Breakfast in bed?  Yes, please!  Breakfast on our front porch while taking in the lush wildflowers of the Texas hill country?  Don’t mind if I do!  Seriously:  BEST.  IDEA.  EVER.

Aside from the bountiful supply of bed and breakfasts in the area, Fredericksburg offers some of the most friggin’ delicious, authentic German food in Texas, not to mention some of the most kick-ass barbecue.  The town itself is full of historic charm, and I can’t wait to spend a few hours perusing through all the shops at the downtown square!  We’re also thinking of taking a day trip to Lukenbach, Texas to see what all the fuss is about over there. 🙂  To be honest, though, I don’t care what’s on our itinerary as long as I get three days of uninterrupted time with Mr. A. That’s the part I’m MOST looking forward to, especially with all the wedding planning craziness that has more or less taken over our relationship at the moment.  Between opposite work schedules (I’m working days and Mr. A is currently on the night shift, yuck!) and wedding stuff taking over most of my extra time, it feels like we never see each other anymore.  Basically, I’m soooo looking forward to post-wedding living, it’s not even funny.  And I can’t think of a better way to kick off that time in our lives than with a few days basking in rustic, Texas hill country luxury with the man of my dreams.

So, hive, anyone else planning a “mini-moon” rather than a full-blown honeymoon after getting married?  Any of you ever been to Fredericksburg and can recommend some “to-dos” in the area?


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