Cake Topper Update!!

One of my first posts that went live here on Weddingbee was the admittance of my total obsession over Etsy seller Lollipop Workshop’s cake toppers.  In case you need a refresher of what these gorgeous babies look like, here you go:

Image via Etsy / seller Lollipop Workshop

Image via Etsy / seller Lollipop Workshop

Determined to make my own cake topper inspired by the Etsy version, the peg people version of Mr. A and myself went from this…



Ahhh!  They have clothes!!!

Ahhh! They have clothes!!!

You guys, I am SO HAPPY with how this thing turned out.  It’s not quite finished yet (I still have to add curls to the mini-version of me, give Mr. A a boutonniere, and give both of us one last final coat of shiny, clear laquer) but I am so, so, SO proud of how it turned out.  I wish I had made a tutorial of some kind, but there was literally no rhyme or reason to creating the clothes for these little people.  I pretty much winged it the entire way through, cutting out random shapes in printer paper to work as mini patterns to cut the fabric out by.  I put a coat of no-fray liquid on everything, and used fabric glue to hold everything together.  The wedding dress was MUCH easier to make than Mr. A’s little suit, but even most of his clothing pieces were just rectangles wrapped around various parts of his peg body.  If you want more specific details, I’d be happy to explain further, so just shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help!

By the way, remember the fabric swatch I ordered to see what the color and fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses and Mr. A’s tie would look like?

In the backyard

I ended up using it to make mini Mr. A’s tie, so they match EXACTLY!



I think the best part of this entire project is the amount of moolah I saved.  These adorable cake toppers go for upwards of $150 on Etsy.  My version?  Twenty-five bucks.  It may not look perfect, but it sure will get the job done!

I’ll leave the final reveal until official recaps begin, but I just wanted to share the progress I’ve made with this adorable thing so far, because I know a lot of you were interested!

Anyone else end up making their own cake topper inspired by a pricier version?  Were you more or less successful in replicating your inspiration, or was it a DIY fail?


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