Wedding Burn Out

Hive, I’ve been struggling the past few weeks with this wedding planning stuff.  As we inch closer and closer to the wedding day (we’re 45 days out now) I’m starting to feel suffocated by all of the wedding-related things we still have to do.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m like the world’s worst procrastinator.  That being said, a word to the wise:  procrastinating might work well enough in college, but it doesn’t work too well with wedding planning.  Fellow procrastinators, please heed my warning.

How bad have I procrastinated, you ask?  Well, I just booked our cake baker YESTERDAY.  I still haven’t booked a florist.  We haven’t ordered table linens or dinnerware yet.  We’ve yet to make rehearsal or rehearsal dinner plans.  And the unfinished ruby slipper sitting on the bookshelf in my living room is about as fun as having a sty in my eye.  We’re supposed to meet with our officiant sometime in February to plan out the ceremony details, but we haven’t even finalized the day we’re meeting yet.  I have something like fifteen DIY projects still on my wedding to-do list.  And to top it all off, I start a new (full-time!) job on Tuesday, which is the day after my mom gets home from the hospital after having surgery to get a pesky kidney stone removed.

And while we’re at it, Mr. A and I are in the process of setting up house in an apartment, and we’ve been busy buying furniture and planning out all of the lovely things that come with that like setting up utilities and finding an internet provider and etc.  I wish so badly that I’d taken care of more of this wedding planning stuff when I didn’t have so many other things on my plate, especially since we’ve been engaged for almost 18 months.  I keep mentally kicking myself for all of those wasted days this past summer when I had an ample amount of free time to do all of the little DIY projects I’ve been planning.  Now that we’re down to the wire, I’m seriously feeling like I need to cut out a bunch of the little details I’d planned on doing just for the sake of keeping my sanity.

As the wedding keeps getting closer and closer, people keep asking me if I’m nervous or excited or how I’m feeling.  Well…I’m not nervous.  And yes, I’m excited.  But mostly, I’m just ready to get everything over and done with.  There are some days when I have the serious urge just to take Mr. A by the hand and go elope somewhere, even though I know that’s totally unreasonable and I’d completely regret it afterwards.  And as the RSVP cards keep rolling in, I’m reminded by all the people who love us and who are looking forward to celebrating this amazing milestone with us, and that makes me really, really happy.

I guess what this all boils down to is that I’m in a wedding planning funk, and I’m praying to God that I can get out of it in the next couple of days and make one last marathon stretch to the end and get all of this stuff done.  Quite simply put, I’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping wedding planning for over a year now, and I’m ready for the wedding to be done and over with and for the marriage to begin.  I love Mr. A with all of my heart, and each day that passes that I can’t call him my husband makes me increasingly more crazy.  I’m ready to move in together, combine our finances, and be husband and wife.  And as much as I know our wedding day will be an amazing celebration, what I’m really looking forward to is what comes afterwards.

So, hive, please tell me I’m not the only one who’s felt this way about wedding planning.  Anyone else just kind of tired of it all and ready to get married already?  If you’re already married, what was your experience like with the last month and a half before the big day?  Any advice?


One thought on “Wedding Burn Out

  1. Wow! Just reading about how much you still have to do is making ME nervous! Lol
    I know what you mean though, I just want to get married already too!
    My wedding day is 70 odd days away, and its been about 13 months since I began the wedding planning process….It is a lot to deal with, it does get on your nerves at times, but I can’t imagine doing it any other way!
    I think every bride to be should plan her own wedding! Its been one fun ride!
    But yeah, I feel you…’re almost there though! Get cracking! 🙂

    Good luck


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