These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Okay, hive!  I’m about to unveil one of my favorite DIY projects to date.  I can’t actually take the credit for imagining this idea up myself, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen this before, aside from the fact that I know it was in an issue of either Brides or The Knot.  ANYWAY, before I reveal it to the blogosphere, there’s something I need to do, because our guests might better appreciate it if they see it for the first time on the big day. So…

go away guests


Whew!  Okay, now that THAT’S all taken care of, let’s get back to the big reveal.  (Man, I feel like I’m building this up way too much and you guys are all gonna be disappointed when you see it, but I’m proud of it, so whatevs.  Sorry if this ends up being tragically anti-climactic!)

Anyway, due to budget restraints, there won’t be any linen or cloth dinner napkins of any sort at the Armadillo wedding (we’re going with paper, y’all!) When budgeting for different aspects of the reception, I just couldn’t justify spending 75 cents to a dollar per napkin on something that 250 people will literally just use to remove the nasty remnants of dinner from their hands and mouths.  If I had a couple of extra hundred dollars to spend, sure, cloth napkins might have made an appearance…but that’s just now how things are gonna play out.  That being said, I still wanted a way to distinguish the “place settings” at each table and to bring in a contrasting color to break up the green tablecloths we’ll be buying (yay!)  And what better way to do that than with placemats, yes?  (Just agree with me here, mmkay?)

My first paper placemat crush came from Cake Vintage, which sells pads of 50 placemats in really cool, vintage-inspired designs.  See for yourself!

Perfect Setting Placemat Pad via Cake Vintage

Perfect Setting Placemat Pad via Cake Vintage

Italian Scroll placemat pad via Cake Vintage

Italian Scroll Placemat Pad via Cake Vintage

While they’re both super awesome and perfect for jazzing up place settings at reception tables, I came across a fun, totally personal, typography-inspired idea for placemats in a bridal magazine where the couple’s favorite things were listed alphabetically all across the paper.  Not only is it super adorable, it also helps guests get to know fun little details about the couple (particularly family members and friends of either the bride or groom who don’t know the other person very well!)  And so, I sat down for about an hour with my outdated 2000 version of Microsoft Word and came up with this little number:

wedding placemat


I also made a version with the text in gray, and I can’t decide which I like better:

wedding placemat 2 new

It’s formatted to be printed on legal size ( 8 1/2 by 14-inch paper) which we’ll totally be doing with our home printer.  I think this is such a fun, CHEAP, personal way to jazz up the tables and visually break up the sea of green linens flooding the reception space, and I hope our guests appreciate them!

How are you adding personal touches to your reception tables?  Are any of you using paper placemats to mark table settings?  Should I go with the purple or gray font color for the final product?  Anything else I should add to them to make them stand out more?


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