What? The Groom Gets a Cake, Too?

That’s exactly what Mr. A asked when I told him about the tradition of a groom’s cake.  Now I can’t get him to stop talking about what he wants his cake to look like and taste like and yadayada…so I told him he wasn’t getting one. (Teehee.) That’s a LIE, of course, but I want to keep him off the scent of the trail!  Because, you see, Mama Dillo and I will be MAKING Mr. A’s groom’s cake ourselves!

And okay, Mr. A totally does NOT read this blog, but I guess I’d better be safe than sorry…so without further a’do…

go away

Right away, I knew exactly what Mr. A’s groom’s cake would look like.  You see, from a very young age, Mr. Armadillo has been fascinated with Legos.  One of the first stories he ever shared with me was how sad he was when he had to give away his entire collection of Legos to a neighborhood kid when he went off to college and how he’d love to start his collection back up again in the hopes of one day being able to fulfill his dream of having a model city made completely out of them.  So, for the past three and a half years, every gift-giving occasion (i.e. birthdays, Valentines’ Day, Christmas, our anniversary, etc.) has included a Lego gift of some kind on my part (Mr. A’s easy to shop for…I kinda lucked out in that department!)  And so, what better way to pay tribute to who Mr. A is and what he loves than to have a Lego-inspired groom’s cake?

To make matters even easier, making a Lego cake also seems relatively simple in design compared to how extravagant and ornate groom’s cakes can get these days, and since neither Mama Dillo nor myself are professional bakers, we don’t want to take on more than we can handle and have it come out looking like a disaster.  Here are some inspiration pictures I’ve been saving over the course of the past few months:

Image and cake via Sugar

Image and cake via Sugar

Image and cake by Cake Concepts By Lynn

Image and cake by Cake Concepts By Lynn

Lego Cake

Image via The Cakerator on Flickr

Basically, the design is a series of smaller, rectangular cakes draped in brightly colored fondant and stacked in a topsy-turvy fashion.  The only thing I’m kind of confused about are the little interlocking circles on the top.  What should they be made out of?  Rice Crispies treats cut into circles?  Oreo cookies?  I guess it kind of depends on the scale of the cakes, huh?

As for flavors, having multiple little cakes gives us the opportunity to do multiple flavors, as well.  Mr. A’s favorite cake flavor is Pillsbury’s Funfetti (I’m marrying a child…I know.)  However, Mr. A also popped the question using a slice of Boston cream pie, so maybe a Boston cream pie-inspired cake flavor would be appropriate.  He also loves German chocolate cake, and since we’re not using chocolate as a flavor in the wedding cake, maybe that could be a good option for more variety for our guests.  I know coconut is kind of a love or hate thing with people, though, so that might not be the best option.

I also fully intend on having this done on our wedding cake, but with a little Lego dude sticking out:

From MyKitchenMyLife via Pinterest

From MyKitchenMyLife via Pinterest

Anyone else attempt to make their groom’s cake for the wedding?  What cake flavors do you suggest I use?  Should we go with the traditional chocolate or make Mr. A’s favorite, Funfetti?


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