The Tale of the $25 Wedding Band

Very early on in our engagement, Mr. A admitted that the one thing he was really looking forward to was getting a wedding band made out of tungsten carbide.  Stronger than gold, steel and titanium, tungsten carbide is completely scratch resistant and virtually indestructible (on the Mohs hardness scale, tungsten carbide sits at a 9; diamond sits at a 10, just for comparison.)  It’s substantially heavier than titanium and has a super cool gun metal color to it, which really does look awesome on men’s hands (and kind of sexy, if I do say so myself!)  Noticing he’d put a lot of thought into what kind of wedding band he wanted, I was definitely on board with the tungsten carbide idea.  The only caveat I presented was suggesting he actually go and try one on at a store so he’d be sure that the tungsten ring was what he really wanted.  Luckily for us, BM Mascara works at the local jewelry store in town, so we set up an appointment to go in and look at wedding bands with her during our town’s annual “Christmas on the Square” shopping event.

We were totally surprised by the variety of tungsten carbide rings they had in the store, and Mr. A was pretty much like a kid in a candy store trying on different styles and widths and telling BM Mascara what he liked and didn’t like about each one.  She was able to lead us to a tungsten carbide beauty that fit all of his wishes:  a thin, 6MM wide beveled edge ring with a brushed, matte center and high polish on the sides and inside.    In all the excitement I forgot to take a picture (bad me!)  But don’t worry–I’ll show you a picture of exactly what he tried on in a sec.

Since the company that made that particular ring didn’t advertise prices on their jewelry (they sell according to whatever tungsten carbide is worth at that exact moment, so the price varies from day to day) BM Mascara sent me a text a couple of days later after she looked up the price to let me know how much it was:  a cool $225.  Now, originally I didn’t think that was too expensive.  I mean, if you think about how much engagement rings cost and how much my wedding band will probably be, $225 seemed like a steal.  After all, Mr. A will be wearing this ring FOREVER, so if you break it down over the amount of time he’ll have it on his finger, the ring pretty much pays for itself.  However, being the nifty bargain shopper that I am, I conducted an online search to see if I could find the ring cheaper anywhere else.

And that, my good people, is where I stumbled upon this famed $25 wedding band.

A vendor on Amazon sells the EXACT same ring Mr. A fell in love with in the jewelry store, down to the beveled edges and brushed center finish.  Here’s what it looks like:

6MM Flat Brushed Center Beveled Edge Comfort Fit Ring from Seller DazzlingRock.  Fulfilled by Amazon.

6MM Flat Brushed Center Beveled Edge Comfort Fit Ring from Seller DazzlingRock. Fulfilled by Amazon.

Now, like me, you might be a bit wary of ordering jewelry online, but since the purchase is fulfilled by Amazon and is only $25, I figure I can’t lose here.  This particular ring has 19 reviews on Amazon, each of them positive.  Worst case scenario, the ring doesn’t come like I imagine and I send it back and go for a pricier version.  I do feel a little guilty for spending so little on Mr. A’s wedding band, but if it’s exactly what he wants then the price shouldn’t matter, right?

What kind of wedding band did your significant other end up going with?  Was it on the pricier side, or did you get a steal?  Anyone else have any experience with the tungsten carbide wedding bands?  Are they as awesomely indestructible as they sound?


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