The One Where Miss Armadillo Needs Your Advice!!!

Hey there, lovely people!

Okay, so as the title of this post suggests, I could really use your input on something (don’t be scared…it’s nothing serious!)  You see, I have pretty much every aspect of this wedding pictured in my mind, save for one very important thing:  the reception decor.

I’ve got hundreds of mason jars I’ll be putting candles in, I’ll have a dozen or so manzanita branches for some centerpiece variety, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for what to do on the ceiling in what could only be described as a bland and generally underwhelming reception space.  When we first booked it, I had visions of the space being a clean slate that I could transform in any way I wanted.  Except now that we’re ready to start actually putting down some simoleons for stuff, I’m feeling a little hesitant about making decisions.

This leads me to the current question at hand:  I’m stuck on what to do for our table linens!  First thing you should know:  We’re buying our linens instead of renting them, because (SURPRISE!) buying is cheaper than renting.  (Who woulda thunk it?)  Obviously, I don’t want to be stuck with thirty tablecloths forever after the wedding is over, so we’re going to try and sell them on EBay or something after everything is said and done with.

Right now, I’m stuck between two options:  sage green tablecloths or white ones.

My first instinct was to go with the green because the entire reception space is already white, and I figured bringing a colored tablecloth in would really jazz the space up.  Because, I mean, how good do these look?

Totally not realistic, but awesome-looking! As a guest I’d be totally annoyed by the feel of moss on my elbows and arms if I had to sit at this table, though. Haha.
Image via New Hampshire Magazine’s Bride / Photo by Mark Davidson / Design by Kate Parker Designs

I guess I’m worried about two things with the green tablecloth option:  First, I’m worried that 30 tables covered in green might be too overwhelming in an otherwise white room.  Second, I’m not sure if 30 green tablecloths would be as easy to sell as 30 white ones.

This leads me to my second option, which is a white tablecloth with a green table runner on top, kind of like this:

Image via Fiance to Wife

Issues with this option:  Because we’ll be buying both tablecloths and runners, it’ll eat up more of our budget.  Secondly, majority of our centerpieces are mostly neutral (i.e. white or silver) so I’m not sure if the runners are bold enough to stand as the only “colored” item on the tables.

So, hive, this is where I could really use your advice!  Should we go for the green tablecloths, which have more of an impact but are most likely less re-sellable?  Or should we go with white tablecloths and green runners, the more underwhelming but more expensive option?  Do you think green tablecloths would be too overwhelming in our bland, all-white reception space?


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