Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Okay, just so you guys know, my birthday was a few months back.  But, not unlike our favorite Miss Sword, I, too, received a wirthday gift! I had been lusting after this particular pair of somethings for what felt like FOREVER, and my dear, sweet Mr. A somehow picked up on it. 😉  Needless to say, when I opened up my present from him on my birthday, I was elated with what was inside!!!  Need me to give you a hint?


Still don’t have a guess?  Okay, I’ll cave!

That’s right!!!!  Mr. A got us (me) the Darling Point champagne saucers by Kate Spade!

Although we won’t be having champagne at the reception, I seriously can’t wait to drink sangria out of these saucers and toast with Mr. A as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”!  I think they’ll make for some awesome photo ops at the reception, and I can totally foresee breaking these babies out every year on our anniversary and reliving the magic!  And plus, Kate Spade stuff is just totally adorable.

And just because I’m a crazy Kate Spade internet stalker, look at this hilarious gem I found a few days ago!  I feel like I should just get it for kicks and giggles:

Kate Spade Wicker Armadillo Shoulder Bag
Image via Purse Blog / Product via Neiman Marcus

Did anyone else out there lust after a totally unnecessary wedding-related item?  (And is anyone else oddly fascinated by Kate Spade’s creepy, bleeding armadillo purse?)




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