Gettin’ Pretty

I attempted a DIY make-up trial about a month back after a spontaneous false eyelash purchase at Wal-Mart.  I know I want to wear falsies on my wedding day, so I thought I’d try them out and see how they felt and how good I was at applying them and all that jazz.  (Also, I tend to get tension headaches pretty easily and was curious as to whether the falsies would cause one.  Good news:  after hours of wearing them, I was headache free!)  Anywho, I know I can trust you lovely people to give me pointers and/or ways I could possibly improve upon my DIY make-up skills, so here we go! (All upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo.)

First off, a picture of me wearing everyday makeup:

With Mr. A at a college football game

And now, with all the “war paint”:

With no flash

With a flash, obviously!

Better shot of the eyes

The things I used:

  1. Primer:  Monistat chafing gel (as per the advice of Mrs. Rainbow)
  2. Foundation:  MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20
  3. Powder:  Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in Creamy Natural
  4. Blush:  Cover Girl Classic Color in Iced Plum
  5. Mascara:  Cover Girl Professional All-In-One Waterproof in Very Black
  6. Eyeliner:  Almay in Black
  7. Eyeshadow:  Revlon Colorstay 12-Hour eyeshadow in a pale lavender and dark chocolate brown
  8. False Eyelashes:  Salon Perfect in 110 Black
  9. Lips:  Covergirl Outlast lipstain with L’Oreal Colour Riche in Peony Pink on top

SO, it’s clear I used a variety of brands to achieve this look (I didn’t buy any “new” things for this trial except for the falsies.)  Now I’m well aware that the false eyelash application isn’t exactly top notch, but this was my first experience with falsies and I’m resolved to practice more before the big day.  Overall, I really like the way the eyes look.  However, I’m not sure about the blush/lip combo.  I’d like to use a berry/pink color palette with my wedding day make-up, but I’m not exactly sure if the combo I used works the best.  Maybe I should go a bit more matte and/or muted with the blush?  Perhaps a bit pinker with the lips?  I don’t know!  I will say, however, that the photo without the flash looks very similar to how the make-up looks IRL.  I wish I had done the trial in the daytime so I could get a shot of it in natural sunlight, but que sera sera!

If I wasn’t already confused before, this past week has me even more confused!  I’m part of a bunco group and we had a Halloween party last week–I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter, complete with a retro hair-do and makeup job.  All the ladies insisted I do a retro look for the wedding!  For reference, here’s what I came up with:

We Can Do It!

So, obviously I’m having some issues with makeup inspiration.  Should I lean more toward my original DIY makeup trial, or do more of a retro feel like my Rosie the Riveter get-up?  Mr. A doesn’t particularly like red lipstick, but maybe I could do the retro eyes with a pale/nude lip, sort of with more of a 60’s influence.  Or, maybe I could just tell Mr. A to get over himself. 😉  Bah, I’m SO CONFLICTED!

What do you think, hive?  Should I stick with my original plan, go with the retro glam look, or something completely different?  HELP!


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Pretty

  1. Girl, will come do MY make-up. I’ve never had the guts to do eyelashes, but they look gorgeous on you! No advice, but I did like the picture with no flash best. 🙂

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