DIY–Beverage Signs

Since I’ve shared the beverages that Mr. A and I have decided to serve at the reception, I think it’s only fitting that I share how we’ll be informing our guests of their choices of libations!  Using Mrs. Hawk’s ingenious text transfer technique, I printed out the text for our signs in the Albemarle Swash font at around size 175, shaded the backside with pencil, and traced the letters on top of a scallop-edged wooden plaque that I had painted in a vintage white.

Instead of using paint and a small brush to trace over the pencil markings, I took a chance and used a bright violet paint pen I stumbled across at Hobby Lobby, and this was easily the best DIY-related decision I’ve made so far.  The pen was SO much easier to handle than a paint brush and I was able to highlight the details of the beautiful Albemarle Swash font.  See for yourself (all upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo):

For comparison, here’s a bathroom sign I did using the same pencil transfer technique but traced over with a small paint brush and black paint.

Using a paint pen. So much better, in my opinion!

I did one for the red sangria and one for the white, and I have the supplies to make a third for whatever beer we end up serving.  To display the signs, I knew I wanted to find some mini table easels of some kind, but I couldn’t find any at Hobby Lobby.  Luckily, I randomly stumbled across the perfect ones for only $4 a pop at Wal-Mart.

The easels are made of metal and are plain ol’ black.  Since black isn’t a part of our color palette I bought a can of silver spray paint; but I’m wondering if the easels are silver that they might get lost and I’ll lose that lovely contrast the black gives against the vintage white of the signs.  Ergo, I’m kind of on the fence about whether or not I want to paint them.

What do you think, Bees?  Should I paint the easels silver or leave them as-is?  Any other final touches I should make to our beverage signs?


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