If You Like Pina Coladas…

…You aren’t gonna find ’em at the Armadillo wedding.

In case I haven’t been clear with you guys yet, the thought of spending tons of money on this wedding makes me sick to my stomach and I’m resolved to stick to a relatively modest budget.  This is especially important because Mama Dillo and Papa Dillo have graciously offered to pay for this shindig, and Mr. A and I are more than grateful for any amount of money my parents have set aside for our wedding.  That being said, one of the ways we’ll be slashing wedding costs to cushion our budget  is by having a (very) limited bar.

How limited, you ask?

We’ll most certainly have some kind of beer (perhaps Shiner Bock as a nod to Texas; perhaps something else.)  Neither Mr. A nor myself are beer drinkers, so I’m not exactly sure which beer we’ll actually be serving as neither of us particularly have a preference.  I guess when it comes to that decision we’ll have to choose a middle of the road lager that majority of our beer-drinking guests will enjoy.  (Do you think it would it be uncouth to Facebook poll some of our guests?)

For the non-beer drinkers like Mr. A and myself, we’ll be offering the option of both a red and a white Sangria.  I know Sangria is typically a beverage that goes with Mexican/Latin cuisine, but we’ll be Italian-izing it to go with the Italian food we’ll be serving by adding some brandy and sugar to the wine along with that yummy, delicious fruit that makes Sangria the delicious beverage that it is.  I hope our guests enjoy it!

Aside from that, the other beverage options we’ll have available will be non-alcoholic.  On a limited budget, it’s nearly impossible to provide enough alcoholic options to appease all our guests, and if they aren’t satisfied with the choices of free wine and beer that we’ll have for them, they’ll be more than welcome to bring a personal bottle of whatever they prefer to wet their whistles.  Not only is this incredibly less expensive, it also makes me feel better about serving alcohol at our reception while still keeping the party under control.  Our venue requires that we hire a local police officer to provide security in the event that we serve alcohol, so I’m hoping the limited drink choices coupled with one of our town’s finest cops will keep people from partying too hard.  Don’t get me wrong:  I want our guests to have a rockin’ time, but I also want them to get home safely after we party hardy.

Are you serving a limited number of alcoholic beverage options to cut back on reception costs?  ALSO, for those of you who served one kind of beer, what did you end up going with?  What brand/type of beer typically appeals to the masses (aside from the free kind?)


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