Scan That!

Back in July, Mr. A and I created a few registries at Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.  While admittedly we did the registry thing a little early, we went ahead and did it so we could physically go to the stores while we had the chance:  Mr. A was on the brink of moving to my tiny hometown on the coast which meant we’d have to drive to Houston to be able to get everything done if we’d waited and did it later.  I figured I could just update the registries regularly if things were discontinued, and we steered clear of most seasonal items when we set off with the scanner gun in hand, ready to tackle this adventure.

You guys, registering for gifts was SO FUN!  It was like planning for our future together and imagining all the things we would need in the home we would eventually share as a married couple, and it got me SO EXCITED for life after the wedding.  To make things more fun for Mr. A, I gave him the responsibility of the scanner gun at every store (although he seemed to be really be enjoying himself regardless, so whatevs.)  We spread the registry madness over the course of two days, and with my handy little pull out booklet from Real Simple Weddings, we were able to knock out each store in an hour and a half or less.

Day one was spread out between Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target.  I had actually never been inside a BBB before going to register, and I’ve gotta say, that place is AMAZING!  We managed to have tons of fun browsing through all the “As Seen on TV” items and managed to add a couple of awesome things to our registry, too:

DVF Studio Graphic Chain Link Duvet Cover Set, Screenshot from Bed Bath & Beyond

Funny story about the duvet cover above:  Mr. A and I are HUGE fans of the show Big Brother.  We registered for the duvet cover before the most recent season started this summer, and when it finally did air, we saw this:

Image via Big Brother Fix.
Basically, our potential bedding is famous.

I also added a fun yellow Le Creuset tea kettle to our BBB registry:

Le Creuset Demi Tea Kettle in Dijon, from Bed Bath & Beyond

We ended up putting our pots and pans and a lot of kitchen items on our Target registry, but the thing I’m most hoping our guests get us from Target is this:

Shark Steam Pocket Mop, from Target

The next day we drove to the closest Macy’s (which happened to be in Tyler) and registered for the remainder of the items on our list.  We decided to forgo the formal china and flatware, but I couldn’t resist adding a little Fiesta into the mix!

Fiesta 4-Piece Place Settings in Sunflower, Lemongrass and Turquoise. We also registered for the Fiesta ware in White. From Macy’s.

I’m super excited about our decision to register for Fiesta ware, and I have visions of such a fun, bright, and colorful kitchen in our future!  🙂

Since we drove over an hour to register at Macy’s, we decided to stop somewhere fun for lunch.  We settled on a restaurant called “The Diner,” and I cannot more highly recommend it!  They have dozens of comfort food options and serve breakfast all day, so you’re bound to find something you’ll love.  Mr. A and I ordered some yummy fried green tomatoes as an appetizer (all upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo):

Before and after. And everything tastes delicious dipped in ranch dressing!

Mr. A settled on a good old fashioned patty melt as his meal, which I think he seemed particularly happy about:

Pretty sure he had a bite in his mouth–sorry, Mr. A!

And I scarfed town a delicious helping of King Ranch Chicken:

I’m Miss Armadillo, and I approve this casserole!

Granted, it was a little inconvenient having to drive more than a few miles to finish our adventure in registering, but I’m glad we kind of made a date out of it.  And honestly, who can be put out when your entire drive home looks like this?:

Oh, East Texas. How I miss thee.

What was your wedding registry experience like?  Did you have to make a bit of a drive to any of the stores you selected to register at?  What are you most hoping to receive off your registries?


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