Heeeey Yoooooou Guuuuuuuuuyyyys!

I super seriously cannot believe I’m actually writing this post!

It feels like I submitted my application to blog AGES ago (not kidding, we’re talking like almost two months!) After not hearing from Pengy for awhile I sent her an email just asking to make sure my application had actually been received and hadn’t fallen through the cracks (and since I hadn’t gotten my “congratulations, you’re a bee!” email within the magic 4-5 week period, I figured the response was gonna be no dice.)  During those weeks I was literally obsessive about checking my email, and after being continuously disappointed that a reply from Pengy had not made its way to my inbox, I stopped checking every five minutes.  But as the saying goes, a watched pot never boils!  Just as the anticipation of receiving a Weddingbee email had started to wear off, I logged into my email to find a message from Pengy, letting me know that I was, IN FACT, the newest blogger bee, but they had been holding off on informing me because the new generation of icons hadn’t been officially released by the artist.  After staring at my computer screen for what felt like forever, I had to tell everyone who knew I had applied for the gig the amazing news:  I’m a BEE!!!  Of course the first thing my parents asked was, “Do you get paid for that?”  (Can you tell I’m currently on the job hunt?)  I guess they just didn’t understand at first why I was so darned excited!

So, who are these Armadillos?

You don’t know who the Armadillos are??? Psh, please. (Personal photo.)


The mister and I are college sweethearts; meeting through the campus Christian organizations we were a part of.  While it wasn’t exactly a “love at first sight” reaction, our relationship progressed and has flourished into something absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait call this crazy, goofy, artistic guy of mine my HUSBAND!

College life for the Armadillos was awesome.  When we weren’t meeting friends for drinks and a few games of pool at our favorite college hang out, we were hosting shindigs at Mr. A’s place, complete with burgers, camaraderie, and a few rounds of washers and/or horseshoes on the back lawn. Evenings with just the two of us were filled with nightly Redbox rentals, challenging each other at Mario Kart on the Wii, impressing each other with random, useless trivia, and whipping up delicious eats in the kitchen.  But then, OH THEN, it was time to leave the college world and enter adult living (kind of.)  So, we packed up our things and headed three and a half hours away to my hometown on the South Texas coast, where Mr. A easily found a job working armed security for an energy plant in the area.  As we transition from college town living to becoming full-fledged, responsible adults, we’ll be in the middle of planning our wedding as I rush to finish my thesis to graduate with my master’s degree in communication studies this December.

I’m a small town girl with a very closely-knit family, who loves all things coffee and fine arts.  In my free time I enjoy performing in and directing productions by our local community theater:

As Maria in our community theater’s production of “The Sound of Music” (Personal photo.)

Mama Dillo, Papa Dillo, Me, Mr. A and Bromadillo on New Year’s Eve (my amazing sister, Lil Dillo, unfortunately couldn’t make this photo op! Personal photo.)

I’m also an avid board gamer and movie-goer, and love all things craft-related!

Mr. A is on his way to earn his B.S. in Geography and fills his spare time with playing Sim City Social on Facebook, collecting Legos, and playing softball in our town’s annual parks and recreation summer league.  He also likes palling around with his future in-laws:

The men in my life:  Mr. A in the middle along with Papa Dillo and Bromadillo at a Houston Texans game back in January (Personal photo.)

Together, we’re just a pair of goofy, easy-going people who can’t wait to get married in six months!

Case in point: We love costume parties. Nothing like a good, old-fashioned Sock Hop! (Personal photo.)

But, why the armadillo, you ask?  Well, I don’t think I have to explain how proud us Texans tend to be about our Lone Star State, and the armadillo just so happens to be our state “small”animal (our state “large” animal is the infamous Longhorn, of course!)  However, Mr. A is a pretty tough guy, and just like the armadillo, I tend to curl up in my shell and protect myself to avoid confrontation at all costs; I’m also something of a night owl and armadillos are mostly nocturnal.  And plus, who can ignore the fact that the lady armadillo icon is just too darn cute?!

So here we are, the small but mighty Armadillos, prepared to share with you all our wedding planning adventures on the South Texas coast!  We’re super psyched to be here, and I am so estatic and honored to be the newest member of the blogger bee family!

So, let’s get this show on the road, people!  It’s time to plan a wedding!


Miss Armadillo


2 thoughts on “Heeeey Yoooooou Guuuuuuuuuyyyys!

    • Thanks! I’m so super excited!!! I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the verdict on whether or not I was going to be picked to blog, and it was a total shock and surprise! 🙂 It’s gonna be such a fun experience!

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