Fabric Swatches are Fantastic

They really are, you guys!

Seriously, I cannot more highly recommend springing for a few fabric swatches in the colors/fabrics you’re planning to use for bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, etc.  Sometimes colors can (and usually do) look COMPLETELY different on your computer screen than they do in real life, especially if the fabric in question has a certain shine or shimmer to it.  Having a physical swatch also helps you see what a color looks like in both artificial and natural lighting.

Take, for example, the swatches I recently ordered from Weddington Way to help me finalize the decision for our bridesmaids’ dresses.  We’re decidedly going with the Alfred Sung line by Dessy, but the Alfred Sung dresses come in two options of fabrics:  dupioni and peau de soie.  Seeing as how I’m far from a fabric connoisseur, I really needed to physically see the fabrics, IN PERSON.  I figured purchasing swatches would also help me settle on the final color choice for the dresses, too.  They arrived yesterday, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m totally satisfied with what I see:

In the terrible, artificial light of my bathroom.

Inside, next to my kitchen window

In the backyard

You guys, I’m totally in love with the dupioni.  The “dahlia” color is so vibrant and punchy in person, and I think it’ll make a fabulous contrast against the silvery gray of the groomsmen’s attire.  The sheen to the fabric also picks up perfectly on the shimmery, wintery aspect of our theme and color palette, I think.  Dupioni, it is!!!

Did you order fabric swatches of the colors and/or fabrics you were considering for your bridesmaid dresses?  Did the swatches ultimately influence your final decision, or did they pretty much look how you figured they would?  Anyone else going with Alfred Sung dupioni dresses?


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