Suit Up!

Since I’ve shared what I’m hoping our girls end up donning on our big day, I feel like it’s only fair to share a few of the details I’m hoping to incorporate in our dudes’ ensembles.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve settled on gray tuxes/suits, but should we go with a light gray, or more of a charcoal color?

Calvin Klein Gray Two-Button Tux, via Men’s Wearhouse

BLACK by Vera Wang, via Men’s Wearhouse

Currently, I’m leaning more toward the lighter gray, just because I think it would work better with the silver/wintery aspect of our winter meets springtime theme.  However, no matter what our guys end up wearing, the last thing I want is for them to look like cookie cutter versions of each other.  After all, my girls will be rocking the mismatched theme, so why can’t the guys join in on the fun?  Enter the mismatched tie.

Image via We Heart It/ Photo by Jose Villa

I think this is a perfect way to let the guys have a little individuality while still looking cohesive, and I’m super pumped!  I think Mr. A and I will end up gifting the groomsmen their ties so that we can make sure they’re all similar shades of green, and so far, I’m really fancying these:

From Ties-Necktie (compiled by Miss Armadillo)

Mr. A will set himself apart visually by donning a snazzy purple tie that matches the color and fabric of the bridesmaid dresses (which Dessy conveniently makes it easy to do).

For the ushers, I’m kind of thinking a multi-colored tie would really pull everything together and be pretty visually striking.  However, I haven’t been able to find a tie that includes JUST shades of purple, green and silver.  This one is pretty cool, though, and I don’t mind that random orange pin stripe too much:

From Ties-Necktie

I’m starting to get really excited about seeing elements of this wedding finally come together, and I think our guys are gonna look extra classy!

What are you having the dudes in your wedding party wear?  Do you like the mismatched tie concept, or do you prefer your wedding party members to wear more similar ensembles?


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