Dressing My Gals

When it came to dressing my best girls for our big day, I knew early on I wanted them to pick dresses in the same color and fabric but in varied styles that would best flatter their figures.  Of the colors existing in our wedding palette, having my girls wear a vibrant shade of purple seems like the best choice.  Jewel tones typically look the best on all types of skin tones, and I feel like a bright splash of purple in our wedding party will be a nice, colorful touch and will go especially well with what we have planned for the groomsmen to wear.

I was almost immediately drawn to the styles and colors provided by Dessy, and when I saw the Alfred Sung line, I knew I had found the perfect solution to my bridesmaids’ attire.  Because my girls are kind of all over the place right now, I created an account on Weddington Way, added some especially adorable Alfred Sung dresses to my “favorites” list, and invited all my girls to log on and rank the ones they liked the best.  Wanna see what they chose?

Alfred Sung styles D492, D445, D488 and D480 from Weddington Way (compiled by Miss Armadillo)

From left to right, that’s Lil Dillo’s pick, BM Mascara’s pick, BM Dancer’s pick, and MOH Henna’s pick.  I think the girls all made fabulous choices and I can’t wait to see these dresses in action come March!

When it comes to the color/fabric, I’ve ordered a dupioni swatch in “Dahlia” and a peau de soie swatch in “Paradise” to see which looks best.  I’m currently leaning toward the dupioni just because I love the shimmer it has and the way it looks in pictures, but it’s hard to tell until I’ve seen the fabrics and colors in person.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that they look just as good in real life as they do on my computer screen!

Are you letting your girls pick differing dress styles in the same color and fabric for a semi-mismatched look, or are you having them all don the same fabulous frock?  Anyone else going with the Alfred Sung line?  If so, what has your experience been like?


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