Compromise is Key (And Sometimes Pays Off Big Time)

It all started with tan suits.

You know, like these:

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs/ Photo by Adele Reding Studio

After settling on an overall color scheme and feel for the day, I thought tan suits would work perfectly for Mr. A and his groomsmen.  When I brought the idea up to my sweet guy, he seemed to be on board.  When I mentioned the idea to Bromadillo, however (who’s one of Mr. A’s groomsmen), he seemed less than enthusiastic about the choice of attire.  (Please note that my dear, sweet brother has never been afraid to share his honest, uncensored opinion with me.)  Taking his words to heart, I decided to forgo my dream of a tan suit wedding in an effort to put our guys in something they’ll feel more comfortable wearing.  After all, I want everyone to be happy!  So, I mulled over the idea of maybe the guys donning snazzy grey suits, instead.

When I brought the grey suit concept to Mr. A, he was thrilled.  He also admitted that he really wasn’t a big fan of the tan suit idea but didn’t want to say anything.  In fact, it turns out that I was the ONLY person who liked the tan suits!  I guess no one wanted to destroy my “artistic vision,” but honestly, it’s not just my wedding, and that’s not how this whole planning thing is gonna roll.  I want everyone to be as happy as possible, and I would much rather my guys feel comfortable in what they’re wearing on the big day than suck it up for the sake of my personal preference.  I’m all about the compromise, after all! 😉

So, after the change in the groomsmen attire, our wedding color palette has sort of evolved from this:

Swatches via 100 Layer Cake (compiled by Miss Armadillo)

To this:

Swatches via 100 Layer Cake (compiled by Miss Armadillo)

I still wanted to have that warm, springtime garden vibe to the day, but the grey/silver color that had now invaded our color palette was throwing me off.  However, sometimes having a kink thrown into your plans really pays off in the long run because as I started thinking about all of the decorative elements I wanted to have in our ceremony and reception spaces, I knew exactly how this was all going to work.  The only confirmation I needed was a quick reference to the almanac.

You guys: Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th.  That’s a whole four days after our wedding.

So, we’re having a “merging of the seasons” affair, complete with silver manzanita branches dripping with icicle-like crystals and bursting with bright purple flower buds; warm, romantic candles set in mason jars; and Christmas lights strung EVERYWHERE.  As winter becomes springtime, two will become one.  Cheesy?  You bet.  But I don’t think it could be anymore perfect.

I am more inspired about wedding planning now than I’ve been since getting engaged, and finally having a concrete theme to pull everything together is making dreaming up ideas to incorporate our “winter becomes springtime” concept a piece of cake.  With less than six months to go now, it’s definitely time to kick our butts into high gear and get this fantasically wonderful celebration planned.

Did a bump along the road in wedding planning lead you to an unexpected (yet totally awesome) idea?  Are you a bride who’s willing to compromise, or are you dead set on your vision?


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