“Something Old”

Now, I’ve already shared with you all what I’m planning on using as my “something borrowed,” so I feel it’s only appropriate that I reveal what I plan to have with me on my wedding day as my “something old.”  And, luckily for you, it comes with a history lesson!

First of all, know this:  my “something old” is at least 124 years old, dating back to on or around 1888.

Around that time (i.e. the Victorian era), there was something of a tradition surrounding the concept of “wedding bracelets.”  Basically, the tradition holds that a bride was given a pair of bracelets by her husband-to-be.  She wore one while she was engaged, and then wore the other on her wedding day.  For this reason, it’s rare to find a pair of Victorian wedding bracelets in similar condition, because the bride would almost always wear one more than the other.

Luckily for me, my great-great-grandma Kate’s wedding bracelets are in fantastic condition (all upcoming images are family photos.)

A close-up of the bracelets’ detail

My great-great-grandma Kate (my paternal grandpa’s grandma) was married on December 19, 1888 in Lebanon, Missouri, to my great-great grandpa, the Rev. Alonzo Pearson.  We know the bracelets, at the very least, date back to her, but they could have even belonged to someone before that.  FYI, this is great-great-grandma Kate:

Great-great grandma Kate!

My great-grandma Betty also wore the bracelets at her wedding to my great-grandpa Allen:

Great-grandma Betty’s and great-grandpa Allen’s engagement portraits! Don’t they look sophistocated?

Because my great grandma Betty only had one child (my Grandpop) she also let my Gramma wear them on their wedding day:

My dad’s parents (my Grandpop and Gramma) on their wedding day!

And my dad’s sister ALSO wore the bracelets on HER wedding day!

So, seeing as how “the wedding bracelets” have become something of a tradition for the ladies on my dad’s side of the family, I feel like it’s only appropriate that I include them in my ensemble somehow, also.  However, these bracelets are TINY, and while they do close around my wrists, there’s absolutely no wiggle room around them.  Plus, wearing them kind of makes me feel like the Genie from Aladdin.  Or Wonder Woman.  And that’s cool and all, but not exactly how I pictured myself feeling on my wedding day.

 So, what’s a girl to do?  I’m thinking about maybe slipping them around the base of my wedding bouquet.  Whatever I end up doing with them, I’m so excited to have my great-great-grandma Kate’s wedding bracelets with me on my wedding day!  I think it’s the perfect “something old” to have with me when I walk down the aisle.

Do you have any other ideas of ways I can incorporate the wedding bracelets into my wedding attire?  What are you using as your “something old”?


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