DIY–Bird Cage Card Holder

Ah, the bird cage card holder.  I’m not sure when these pretty little things surfaced in the wedding world, but I’m sure as heck glad they did!

Image via Amazon

The general idea is to place the card holder somewhere on the gift table so guests who brought a card have a place to put them instead of just laying them temptingly on the table with all the other gifts.  I don’t consider myself a suspicious person by nature, but I feel like it would be awfully easy to slip one of those cards in a purse or pocket of a jacket, and I really would rather guests put cards some place a bit more secure.  This is especially true considering the reception venue we’ve booked has smaller side rooms that are also available for booking on the same day, so the place won’t be completely ours.  A card holder just seemed like a natural choice!  (Come to think of it, maybe I should figure out a way to anchor the bird cage to the table so that someone doesn’t walk off with the whole thing!  You can never be too cautious, people.)

 That being said, I took advantage of one of Hobby Lobby’s many sales and snagged up a pretty little white bird cage for eleven bucks.  I used some of my wedding ribbon, some left over sheet moss I used for our wooden initials, and a paper mache picture frame.  Here’s how it went down (all upcoming images by Miss Armadillo.)

All my supplies, ready to go.

First things first, I traced the bottom of the bird cage on the paper backing of the sheet moss with a Sharpie:

I cut the shape out and glued it inside on the bottom of the birdcage , a la this:

I then traced the outside of the picture frame on the paper backing of the sheet moss, and cut it out, like so:

Then, I pulled the paper backing off the sheet moss and attached it to the front of the picture frame with a little hot glue:

I wanted to attach the picture frame to the front of the bird cage, so I glued long strips of my wedding ribbon to the back:

To attach the frame to the bird cage, I tied the strips of wedding ribbon in a knot around one of the metal flourishes.  Originally, I tied the ribbon in a bow but thought it looked a little busy, so I ended up just threading the remainder of the ribbon around the circumference of the bird cage and gluing it together in the back:

For the finishing touch, I printed out a little “cards” sign on a 3 x 5 index card in the Albemarle Swash font and slipped it into the frame:

And that’s all she wrote!  It’s a pretty simple, inexpensive project that I think will be a welcome addition to the gift table.  I’m still trying to decide if it needs some flowers or something somewhere, but I’ll leave it as is for now.

You’re digging that wallpaper, aren’t you? I know you are.

My only slight concern is that people may not exactly understand what the bird cage is for.  I might have to stick a “pretend” card or two in there before the reception so that people are sort of clued into what to do.  Fingers crossed it works!

Are you creating a card holder of some kind for guests to use at the reception?  Are you worried about cards getting lost or disappearing like I am?


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