Why, That’s a Horse of a Different Color!

…or, hair of a different color.

Hi.  My name is Miss Armadillo, and I’m addicted to hair dye.

I’ve been coloring it so long now that I’m not even sure what my natural color is (although when my roots grow out a bit, it appears to be that awful, bland dishwater color that is–in reality–the natural hair color of probably 90% of the people who choose to dye their hair.)  Mama Dillo started letting me dye my hair super blonde in junior high–prior to that, she would use Sun-In on my hair during the summers to give me that bright, platinum blonde hair so coveted by Texan women in the 90’s.  Coloring my hair was my only real act of “rebellion” in my junior high and high school years, particularly because Mama Dillo was cool enough to let me dye my hair any natural color I wanted.  There was nothing more fun than once every couple of months heading to the drug store to pick out a new box of hair dye and standing in front of the mirror that evening to transform my look.

Needless to say, I’ve experienced life as a brunette, a blonde, and as a redhead (and I did a semi-permanent thing with black hair dye for a production of the “King and I” once–black wasn’t a good color on me.) I’ve been a blonde for the longest period of time, since I was a toddler until my Junior year of high school.  In fact, my friends gave me the nickname “Rapunzel” in 9th grade due to my eye-catching, curly, golden blonde, incredibly long hair.  Let’s just say it wasn’t hard to find me in the school hallway.

My junior year, I did a little experimentation with a box of Revlon and ended up with a chestnut-brown color, a la this:

The brown didn’t last long.  Sure, it matched my eyebrows, but it just wasn’t “me.”  It felt too dark.  Too dangerous.  Too different.

So, I went back to blonde, and then when senior year rolled around I tried out being a redhead.  It was fantastic.  In fact, I started college as a redhead and all the people I met were super surprised when they found out my hair wasn’t naturally that color.

A Halloween party in college. Me and a few friends were the Spice Girls. I was Ginger Spice, naturally.

I “officially” met Mr. A as a redhead, but after getting tired of having to dye my hair once a month (red hair fades SO FAST, y’all) I decided to go back to being a blonde.

At a college football game.

Being the savvy hair colorer (that’s a thing, right?) that I am, I tend to dye my hair with the seasons so that by the time winter rolls around, my hair gets a bit darker and in the summertime I lighten it some.  With all the swimming and outside activities in the summer time, maintaining darker hair is a big ol’ pain in the you know what, so I just work with Mother Nature’s plan and go from there.  This is what my hair looked like in January:

Dark blonde/light brown?

In May, when engagement pictures rolled around, I tried something a bit different and went for a strawberry blonde color.  I really liked the way it looked against my skin tone, and the mister liked it, too:

So, herein lies the conundrum:  what color do I want my hair to be on my wedding day?

There are good and bad to all choices, I think–blonde and strawberry blonde go the best with my skin tone, in my opinon.  Brunette hair makes me feel sexy, dangerous, and mysterious.  Being a redhead is lots of fun and a look the mister loves on me.

I think I’ve ruled out the brunette option simply because it’s Mr. A’s least favorite–which leaves golden blonde, strawberry blonde, or red.  At the moment I’m leaning toward strawberry blonde like in my engagement pictures, but I definitely could change my mind in the next few months.  I could even do something completely different and try to match my dark, ash blonde roots.  Whatever the case, I’ve sworn off hair dye entirely until closer to the wedding so that my hair is in as good of shape as possible.  (My roots really are driving me bananas, though.  I might need an intervention.)

Help me out, readers!  What do you think?  Blonde?  Red?  Brunette?  A la naturale?  Which would you choose?


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