Updo Inspiration and Realization

Guys, if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s this:  I’m a proud, naturally curly girl.

This is from a few years ago with my Bromadillo and Lil Dillo. This is just about as long as my hair has ever been.

A more recent photo, having a particularly good hair day!

Now, don’t get me wrong–I’ve certainly have had times in my life when I wished I had ANYTHING but naturally curly hair, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the sheer convenience of it.  That being said, there are still times when I want to straighten it or use curlers on it to give it a more polished look:

Barrel curls at last year’s annual charity ball.

Board straight with the help of a friend!

When it came to deciding how to wear my hair on our wedding day, though, the choice seemed as natural as the hairs on my head–I’m gonna roll with my natural texture.

There were a couple of reasons for the decision.  First of all, I know I’m probably going to be super stressed about a million little things on my wedding day, and the last thing I’m going to want to worry about is whether my hair will hold up through the course of the entire day.  Leaving it in its naturally curly state means I won’t have to worry about straight locks frizzing out of control or synthetic curls losing their shape.  A good, second reason is that Mr. A LOVES my naturally curly hair and says it’s the first thing he noticed about me.  Finally, I don’t truly feel like “me” without a head full of crazy, unruly curls.

This leaves us to potential ideas for hair inspiration.  I knew I wanted an updo, and something that might lend itself to being a bit on the retro side while still working with my naturally curly texture.  (I have to get on my soapbox here for a minute, though:  When one types in “naturally curly updos” into Google images, majority of the women in the photos do NOT have naturally curly hair.  Trust me, there’s a difference.)

Now, I’ve had to style my own hair for many a community theatre production in the past, so I figured I would give this style a shot.  Some teasing, a lot of hairspray,  few bobby pins and about twenty minutes later, I ended up with this:

From the front. Sincere apologies for the crazy eyes.

From the back.

Close up of the back.

Granted, this was a QUICK run-through of what I might do with my hair on my wedding day, but I definitely think its workable.  Some shine serum on the ends, a bit more volume, neater twists on the sides and perhaps a few pieces pulled out to frame my face, and this look is good to go!  I might even throw in a jeweled hair comb for good measure–who knows?  It’s definitely on my short list of possible wedding day hairstyles.

Odds are I’ll by styling my own hair on my wedding day, for the mere fact that I just don’t trust anyone else enough to put my hair in their hands, with the exception of Mama Dillo.  Whatever the case may be, this hair trial definitely gave me the confidence boost I needed to seriously consider doing my own hair for the wedding.  If I chicken out the morning of, however, I know Mama Dillo would be more than happy to take the reigns over for me.  After all, she taught me everything I know about hair care!

Are you considering doing your own hair for your wedding day?  Any naturally curly girls out there going with their natural texture, like me?


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