That’s What I Like About You

When I think about the ways that Mr. A and I are compatible, the first things that come to mind are more traditional elements of a successful relationship:  respect, honesty, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, etc.  And it’s all true–Mr. A and I have built a relationship based on respect and compassion for one another, which has sort of blossomed into “OMG, I can’t live another second without this man.”  But, let’s be honest–I think we’ve all pondered over the kind of “out of the box” reasons why our significant others are perfect for us; I think it’s especially true early on in the relationship when we’re really just trying to convince ourselves that this person could be “the one” (or maybe that’s just me.)

But I like thinking about the quirky reasons why Mr. A was made for me, because I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone else out there in the world who would satisfy all of the unconventional, wacky reasons why he has me unequivocally twitterpated and antsing to become his wife.

1.  We have the same ridiculous sense of humor, and he’s the only one who belly laughs at my jokes.  Also, when he gets really tickled about something, he laughs like Winnie the Pooh.  Have you seen a 6’3 boulder of a man laugh like Winnie the Pooh?  (FYI:  It’s adorable.)

2.  We have something of a family tradition on my dad’s side where if you have a son, you give him the initials of JHH.  My grandpop’s initials are JHH, Papa Dillo’s are JHH, and Bromadillo’s are JHH.  I swore that I would marry a guy with a last name that started with H just so I could carry on the tradition.  Guess what Mr. A’s initials are?  JPH!

3.  I can’t stay mad at him, even when he gives me death looks.

There’s absolutely nothing threatening about this look.

4.  We share a love of Adam Sandler movies.  When we were still pretty new to the relationship, Mr. A asked me what my idea of the “perfect day” would be–I told him a two-liter of cherry Coke, white cheddar popcorn and an all day marathon of Adam Sandler movies.  Before I left to go home that summer, he made that exact day happen for us.  It was glorious.

5.  His family is heavy on July birthdays–my birthday is in July.  My family is heavy on November birthdays, and his birthday is in November.

6.  I’m a Cancer and he’s a Scorpio.  I don’t really follow astrology, but our signs are apparently ideally compatible.

7.  We balance each others’ interests and personalities in perfect ways.  For example–I like to read books; Mr. A likes to watch the movie adaptations.  In the end, we both get to enjoy the story, just in our own different ways.

8.  I love to cook–he loves to eat whatever I make and that sweet guy will even finish a plate of something that I know tastes awful just because I made it.

9.  Whenever we play board games that require partners, Mr. A and I never lose.  We make an awesome team.

10.  He will humor me and go along with whatever I suggest, even when that means having to dress up as Fred Flintstone for Halloween.

Literally the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

11.  If I had a flat tire on the side of the road or forgot my debit card when I went grocery shopping, Mr. A would drop everything to come and rescue me.  No questions asked.  And I would 100%, without a doubt do the same for him.

During our first Christmas together.

What are some of the somewhat unconventional reasons why you love your significant other and feel like he or she is “the one”?


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