Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Of all the decisions a bride must make in regard to her wedding day, there’s one specific area of the budget that can honestly, truly cause her to go bonkers:  the flowers.

Now I know what you’re thinking–a wedding just isn’t a wedding without a bountiful supply of beautiful, fragrant blooms scattered throughout the ceremony and reception spaces.  I mean, flowers have an important role to play in the wedding decor between making a statement in the bride’s bouquet and fancying up centerpieces for the tables at the reception.  Sure, that two thousand bucks you’ll have to square away out of your wedding budget for a florist seems like a lot of money right now, but it’s so worth it.  A wedding just isn’t a wedding without flowers.

Well, I agree–sort of.

I think flowers are an important part of the wedding day–after all, what other occasions will a girl have to carry a bouquet of beautiful flowers except for when she’s a bride walking down the aisle?  Is there anything more romantic and magical than being surrounded by Mother Nature’s gorgeous blooms on the most wonderful day of one’s life? 

Now who wants to give me two thousand bucks so I can go blow them on a delivery truck full of over priced, temperamental flowers that’ll be dead by the end of the week?

Didn’t think so.

You guys, wedding flowers are so impractical.  Just the mere idea of spending that much money for something that’ll give me nothing more than a small piece of satisfaction on my wedding day simply isn’t cutting it for me.  I personally would rather spend more money on, say, the food.  Or cake.  Something edible (can you tell it’s lunch time here?)

Silk flowers, on the other hand, could save me a decent amount of money, simply because I could arrange them myself MONTHS before the wedding and store them somewhere nice until the big day rolls around.  They also will never, ever die.  AND, I won’t have to worry about them looking like poo toward the end of the night, whereas the real deals could very well start to wilt and look sad when that 11 o’clock hour rolls around.

Except, there’s just something so magical and romantic about real flowers that seem to get lost in the synthetic translation.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Well I’ll have my cake and I’ll be damned if I can’t eat it, too.

In an effort to save a bit of a blow to the budget and to keep my sanity in check, we’ve decided to use a combination of real and faux flowers on our wedding day.  The real flowers will be used in the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, the corsages for the mothers, and the boutonierres for the guys (basically in places where the photographer will be taking lots of photographs).  The faux flowers will be used in places like in our pomander ball pew decorations.  Reception centerpieces aren’t even in the equation–we’re doing some non-floral garden centerpieces.  Kind of an oxymoron, I know.  More on that later.

What do you think about flowers at weddings?  Are they important?  Are you using real flowers, silk flowers, or a combination of the two?


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