Something Borrowed

In the spirit of doing things out of order, I’ve decided to wear Mama Dillo’s veil on my wedding day.  It’s a bit ironic since I haven’t even gone shopping for my dress yet, but I’m totally psyched Mama Dillo offered it up to me, and it can’t hurt to have some of that good, successful marriage juju on me when I walk down the aisle on the big day.  I’ve decidedly declared Mama Dillo’s veil as my “something borrowed” (I obviously intend to return it to her after the ceremony just in case maybe Lil Dillo or someone wants to wear it on her wedding day!)

Now,  my parents got married in 1987, which means Mama Dillo’s veil isn’t exactly…subtle.  HOWEVER, in terms of how 80’s veils tended to look on brides back in the day, hers wasn’t too bad.  It wasn’t tulle attached to a hat or to a weird halo she wore down on her forehead–in fact, as far as 80’s veils go, Mama Dillo’s was pretty tame.  Maybe it’s because she was married in the late 80’s and styles had toned down a bit, or maybe she just had good taste. 😉 (All upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo.)

The veil is basically a simple, two-tiered veil with a finished edge–the only 80’s tell tale signs are the tulle poof at the crown and the pearl encrusted headpiece that holds everything together:

It’s pretty wrinkled from being closed up in a small cardboard box for 25 years, but I’m confident we can get the veil back to tip top shape in time for the wedding in March.  I’ll have to make some alterations to it to sort of pull it out of the 1980’s, but I definitely think it’s workable.  The bonus is, wearing Mama Dillo’s veil means I don’t have to blow a hundred bucks on a veil of my own, and that’s a hundred bucks I can use toward something more important on the wedding day.  (To be honest, my wedding veil wasn’t even something I was initially hung up on in terms of wedding planning–I’d just as soon walk down the aisle without one at the thought of blowing some major simoleons on a piece of tulle attached to a hair comb.  This solution is both more cost effective AND meaningful.  It doesn’t get any better than that.)

Are you incorporating a piece of a family member’s wedding attire into your own for good measure?  (And does anyone have any tricks to get 25 year-old wrinkles out of tulle?)


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