DIY–Faux Flower Pomander Ball

Today’s post is dedicated to the beautiful ever-present wedding ceremony decoration known as…the pomander ball.

Sometimes referred to as “kissing balls,” these sweet decorations tend to pop up mostly in ceremony spaces, like hanging off the end of pews and chairs or on shepherds’ hooks to line the center aisle. I quickly realized I was drawn to monochromatic pomanders made from flowers, so after a short trip to Hobby Lobby during their 50% off floral sale, I came back with a gob of pretty white blooms, a 5-inch styrofoam ball, and some hot glue sticks (all upcoming photos by Miss Armadillo.)

It’s ridiculous how relatively simple this project is, so if you’re on the ledge about doing a DIY project, I really feel like this is a good one to get your feet wet with.  Start by pulling your individual flower blooms off their synthetic stems until you have about 50-60 quality flowers to work with (inevitably, in the bunch that you bought, there’ll be a few that don’t look quite as nice or realistic.)

Then, simply take one flower at a time and add a small dollop of hot glue on the plastic part where the flower was attached to the stem:

Use that little plastic part to anchor the flower into the styrofoam by shoving the tip of the stem into the foam.  Hold it there for a few seconds to make sure the glue takes to the ball.  Do that over and over, making sure to cover any holes that might reveal the styrofoam underneath.

It’s getting there!


Closer to the wedding day, I’ll add a long loop to the pomander with my wedding ribbon so I can hang them over the edges of the pews in the church.  I’m not sure how long the ribbon will need to be, though, so I’m gonna hold off on that last part for just a bit! 🙂

 Now, I know that the styrofoam balls can come in both white and green, and here’s my two cents on what color you should get–if your flowers are lightly colored, like white or ivory, I would do the white.  If they’re brightly colored or dark flowers, I would do the green.  The first pomander I made with these flowers, I used a green styrofoam ball, and in some angles you can see the green underneath.  I mean, its not a huge deal, and I’m gonna use the green one I made anyway, but if you’re bothered by little things like that, you might want to use a white one.

 Are you considering making pomander balls to jazz up your ceremony space?  If not, what other types of aisle decorations are you considering?


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