Gettin’ My Ducks in a Row


No, not those ducks. 

I’m talking about the metaphorical ducks–you know, the ones you line up to make sure you’re on track and doing what you’re supposed to be doing?  Yeah, well, these ducks just so happen to be my wedding related DIY projects. 

And guys, there are a crap ton of them. 

Now, I realize that I’m bringing it upon myself when I decide to make many of the things I could just as easily purchase, but when you’re doing a wedding on a budget, saying yes to that $200 custom guestbook on Etsy is easier said than done.  (BTW, DIY brides, steer clear of Etsy–I swear, I get way too over confident in my crafting skills everytime I venture onto Etsy’s website.  Just say no.)  That being said, while you may not be paying in terms of money when it comes to going to DIY route, you ARE paying in terms of your own precious time. 

Now, I’m planning to do some SERIOUS do-it-yourself-ing to prepare for our wedding, and I’m well aware that it won’t be easy or fun at times.  However, being able to look around on my wedding day and see all the blood, sweat and tears that me and the mister will have put into practically every aspect come March 16th is enough to keep me motivated. 

Wanna see a list of the deliciously insane wedding projects I have up my sleeve?  

Of course you do. 

As of TODAY, the DIY list stands as: 

1.  Cake topper

2.  Guestbook

3.  Ceremony entrance display

4.  Ceremony pew decorations

5.  Boutonnieres

6.  Bridesmaid bouquets

7.  Wedding programs

8.  Custom monogram

9.  Reception centerpieces

10.  Menus

11.  Groom’s cake

12.  Cupcakes (to supplement our wedding cake)

13.  Cupcake stands

14.  Reception music

15.  Invitations

16.  Save-the-dates

17.  Birdcage card box

18.  Ribbon napkin rings

19.  Reception placemats

20.  Various wedding reception decor 

I get a little nervous just looking at that list…and I still have eight months to go.  And I’m also positive I’m forgetting something. 

Now, don’t get me wrong–I’ve been working some on these projects on and off the past few months in the hopes that a slow and steady technique pays off in the end so I’m not scrambling two weeks before the wedding to get everything done in time.  However, I know no matter how many cost effective DIY projects I may attempt to take on, undoubtedly there’ll be a few that’ll fail.  But no matter what happens, I’ve got to keep things in perspective–above everything else, March 16 is about marrying the guy of my dreams and NOT, I repeat, NOT about makeshift chandeliers for the reception hall. 

What are you doing to keep wedding planning and DIY projects into perspective?


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