Budding Blooms for my Besties

When it came to bridesmaid bouquet inspiration, initially I wasn’t sure what I pictured my best girls carrying down the aisle.  Whatever they would carry, however, I knew I wanted to make them myself to save some of the dreaded floral costs that tend to suck up so much of the average couple’s wedding budget.  I’ll need to use inexpensive blooms that are easy to arrange and still provide a semi impressive impact, and, of course, it has to jive with the natural romantic look I’m hoping to achieve for the wedding day.

Enter the recently trendy baby’s breath bouquet.

You guys, I don’t know how I managed to get so lucky to get married in a time when inexpensive and cost effective wedding strategies are popular–an all baby’s breath bouquet is brilliant!  Although baby’s breath is, in actuality, a weed, it looks absolutely dreamy all gathered together in a light, fluffy cloud of a bouquet.  Did I mention baby’s breath bouquets are also EXTREMELY cost effective?

How can anyone deny how effortlessly romantic this scene looks?

Image via Love and Lavender/ Photo by Clayton Austin

What’s ultimately sealing the deal for me on these baby’s breath bridesmaid bouquets (say that ten times fast) is that I’m confident I can make these suckers myself a day or two before the wedding, thereby helping to save on the floral budget even more.  I definitely feel like loosely gathered romantic bunches of this traditionally filler floral are the right choice for my best girls to carry down the aisle when the mister and I say “I do.”

How do you feel about the current baby’s breath trend?  Will I be “dating” my wedding by jumping on the baby’s breath bandwagon (I’m on an alliteration ROLL today!), or do you think going this route is worth the cost savings?


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