Blooming Inspiration

I’ve had flowers on the brain for the past few days, readers.

When it comes to flowers (or the lack thereof) for my wedding, our mantra is “less is more.”  This concept is going to be exceptionally tricky, especially since we’re trying to achieve an overall romantic garden atmosphere.  Therefore, we’re going to try to make the flowers that DO appear in the wedding have an impressive impact with (hopefully) a minimal hit to the budget.

However, one thing I can’t stop thinking about is my wedding bouquet.

I know it’s a silly expense and the wedding bouquet only makes a front and center appearance when the bride is walking down the aisle, but I really would like something that showcases the theme and the wedding colors in a tasteful, yet elegant way. The only problem I’m really running into is that the bright, bold purple I’m using throughout the wedding is found in very few flowers with the exception of orchids (which don’t fit with the romantic garden theme all too well.)  After scouring the net for a few hours, these are the inspiration photos I’ve come up with:

This first one is heavy on the anemones and light on organic whimsy, which I’m not sure I’m exactly in love with.  However, there’s a certain feel of elegance about it I’d like to have in my own bouquet, and the brooch on the base of the bouquet is GORGEOUS.

Image via The Knot/ Photo by Meg Parotti, Los Angeles/ Bouquet by Tracey Go, The Flower Tray, Chino Hills

I love the contrast that the green hydrangeas bring to this bouquet, and it definitely feels more organic and less “perfect” than the first one.  However, I’m not sure I’m digging the lavender roses being front and center.

I love pretty much everything about this bouquet.  The hypercium berries, the purple stock, and the overall shape of this bouquet just screams romantic elegance to me.

Image via Wedding Chicks/ Photo by Anne Nunn Photography/ Bouquet by Anastasia Ehlers

Just in case the purple flower thing doesn’t pan out, I could always do the more traditional white and green wedding bouquet, which always looks timelessly elegant.

I guess the real issue I’m having is finding flowers that are naturally vibrant purple.  I know that orchids, stock, tulips and dahlias come in a pretty purple color.  Hydrangeas also come in a purple, but more on the blue side.

I need your help, readers!  Do you know if there are any other flowers come in the beautiful fuschia purple I’m looking for?


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