Popping the Question, Part I

Before I actually get down to the nitty gritty of this story, I want to back things up to a few months before the official proposal.  You see, like most of today’s couples, Mr. A and I had talked about marriage for awhile before the actual proposal happened.  After over two years of being together, we both decided it was something we definitely wanted, as was apparent when we started talking in terms of the future, saying things like “after we’re married, we should do this,” or “after we retire, we need to travel here.”  Taking my cue as a psycho pre-bride, I scoured the web for weeks and weeks, lusting over ridiculous engagement rings and sending Mr. A email links to specific ring styles that I liked.  My first engagement ring crush was this Tacori beauty:

Image via Tacori

Seriously, you guys–I loved EVERYTHING about this ring.  The white gold, the twisted shank, and the cushion-shaped halo all seemed to fit together in the absolute perfect way possible, and I KNEW I wanted something as close to this as possible.  When I showed it to Mr. A, all he said was “where do I buy that?”  Obviously, Mr. A had no idea how expensive Tacori rings are, and I tried to explain to him that in no way was I suggesting he buy me that EXACT ring–rather, I wanted to find something comparable with a much nicer price tag.  After all, there’s nothing this girl likes more than a bargain.

In the weeks that went by after finding the Tacori ring online, I looked EVERYWHERE to find something that looked similar.  Little did I know how hard it would be!  However, about a month into the great ring search, I stumbled upon this ring from Jared’s:

You guys, I knew this was the one.  I was so psyched about my online find that I was giddy with excitement by the time Mr. A came over after work that evening.  This HAD to be my ring–it was more dainty than the Tacori version with slimmer twists on the sides, and the proportions just looked perfect to me.  Imagine my surprise, then, when after I showed Mr. A the online listing, he got a bit red in the face and simply said “Well, I actually already ordered a ring for you.”

I felt conflicted here, readers–on the one hand, I was so, utterly euphoric at the idea that my sweet guy had already purchased a ring for me, thereby making all this marriage talk we’d been having become unbelievably, wonderfully real.  On the other hand, stupid, STUPID me had fallen in love with a ring I would never have.  As I mentally kicked myself for getting so attached to nothing more than a (probably) photoshopped online picture of an (exquisite) engagement ring, I hid my slight disappointment and decided to simply trust Mr. A’s taste.  By that time we’d already talked engagement ring aesthetics and he’d already gotten the low-down on the styles I preferred, and I told myself that no matter what the ring looked like, I would be happy and in love and engaged to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  After all, that was what was really important.

Up next, Mr. A’s perfect proposal with an equally perfect ring!


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