Today we’re talking about cake (because that’s always a good idea when you’re trying to watch what you eat, right?)

Naturally, I want to have cake at our wedding.

Of course, wedding cake is notoriously expensive.

Obviously, I’m nervous about how wedding cake will fit into our budget.

While some people don’t really care about cake at weddings, its part of the reception I ALWAYS look forward to.  Admittedly, I have a sweet tooth–and I LOVE cake.  Like, LOVE IT.  It’s why I always get so excited about my birthday…and other peoples’ birthdays.  Cake is good, y’all.

But today we’re not really talking about how cakes taste; that’s coming much later.  Ya know, like when we get around to booking our cake baker and going to tastings and whatnot?  (Obviously, I’m totally psyched about that part of wedding planning.)  So, since we can’t talk about cake flavors, today we’re talking about cake aesthetics.

Since I want our cake to taste good (I swear that’s the last time I’m going to mention how cakes taste in this post) I’m not really too keen on the idea of fondant.  Sure, it gives wedding cake a nice, smooth finish, but most people peel it off like an orange rind when they eat it.  Also, there’s just something so effortlessly delicious-looking about these cakes:

Image via The Knot/ Photo by SMS Photography

 How cool is this one?  The topiary look totally goes with the garden theme I’m trying to infuse in our ceremony and reception spaces:

Image from Brides/ Cake by Sylvia Weinstock Cakes

This image is exactly the kind of fresh, simple cake I’m looking for:

Simple, yet perfect! From Jacqui’s Cakes

The picture above made me decide I don’t even want a smooth-looking wedding cake.  The texture totally has me googoo for it.  Granted, I want a little more “wow” factor on it than in the picture, but its definitely a base to work off of.  As for cake decor, I’m thinking some fresh magenta purple flowers on a couple of the tiers, kind of like this:

And then, of course, my Etsy-inspired cake topper will be proudly displayed on top (which is still in the works, btw.)

So, all together, I’m envisioning something like this:

Courtesy of my crazy photoshop skillz.

I figure just about any cake baker can replicate the textured buttercream in a fairly short amount of time, which could save me some money on cake decorating costs (that’s what my wishful thinking self keeps saying, anyway.)  If not, I might have to do a smaller, two or three-tier version of it and supplement with cupcakes, which wouldn’t be a bad idea anyway.

What are your thoughts on the buttercream/fondant controversy?  Are you more into the clean lines and smooth edges that fondant gives, or are you drawn to the increasingly more popular textured buttercream look?


2 thoughts on “Mmmmmm…CAKE!

  1. Simple, yet beautiful at the same time. I think you shouldn’t have a problem getting your envisioned cake to become a reality!

    I ended up getting my fiance’s aunt to make our cake for us, it was lots of fun! We jumped back and forth from edible dark swirls to actual lace on the cake. We went with the edible ones – less of a hassle. Turned out great!

    • I’m feeling pretty optimistic about our cake vision–yours sounds like it was delicious! I wish I had an experienced baker in our family like you, or I just might have gone that route!

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