Gettin’ My Picture Made, Part II

So, wanna know how that wedding photographer biz turned out?

WELL, after initial sticker shock for wedding photography in general, Mr. A and I were determined to find a photographer who worked within our budget, produced great photos, shot in a style we liked, and who we felt we could get along with.

The search first led me to looking at photographers in the area where the wedding would actually take place.  Y’all, there are dozens of photographers EVERYWHERE!  Honestly, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed, especially since even photography in and near the small town we’ll be getting married in was either crazy expensive and out of our budget, or just not what we were looking for.  In all honesty, I was starting to get discouraged, particularly since this was the first official wedding “task” I had decided to take on.  If finding a photographer was this tricky, how would searching for caterers and a cake maker and everything else stack up in comparison?

Just when I thought I might just have to settle on a photographer I didn’t exactly love, Mr. A casually let me know that one of his old fraternity brothers had handed him a business card while on campus that afternoon and was starting to make a name for himself as a professional photographer in the area.  After we visited his website, we definitely felt compelled to sit down and have a chat with him to see if this thing could work.  I mean, honestly, his photos were fantastic, and the fact that Mr. A already knew him was a big plus–at least we wouldn’t be having a stranger follow us around for the entire wedding day!

Wanna see some examples of his work?  (I know you do.)

Beautiful, right????

After we sat down with James from Ballenger Photography, we knew we wanted to use him.  His style was exactly what we were looking for, he was friendly and enthusiastic, and his price was right.  We’ll be able to secure a DVD of wedding day images from him to print at our discretion, and we’ll get to get in on having some engagement photos taken!  I discussed it with the ‘rents, and they were all on board.  Even though he’s not exactly local in terms of where the wedding will be taking place, we knew he was the right fit for us and we just couldn’t let him slip through our fingers.

James has been a dream to work with so far–he’s always quick to return emails and phone calls, is very professional, and is totally down with bouncing ideas around with us.  We can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to do for us with that camera of his!  We have nothing but good feelings about having James help us preserve those special moments of our wedding, and I honestly can’t wait!

How did you find a photographer that fit what you were looking for?  What were your requirements or “wish list” characteristics for a photographer that helped you find “the one”?  Did you end up using a “friendor” or someone who you knew previously to provide a service for the wedding?


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