In the Golden Afternoon-DIY Mock-up Boutonnieres!

I’ve been itching to play around with some flowers, especially after researching the cost of those budding beauties for wedding day decorations, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.  Flowers are expensive, y’all!  And its not necessarily the flowers that drive up the cost.  For example, I could run to my local Kroger and get a dozen roses in whatever color I wanted for around $15…ask for those same roses to be placed in a bride’s bouquet, and you’re talking major buckaroos.  This got me thinking about how much we pay for the “services” and “skills” of others and whether the services of a professional are really worth the prices they charge.  This is not to say that there aren’t some amazingly talented florists out there, but I certainly feel like there is some money to be saved in the wedding flower department.

These lazy afternoon ponderings left me itching to try my hand at a little boutonniere making.  With a few hours to burn and a couple of extra bucks in my pocket, I headed over to the Kroger down the street from my house and picked up the following supplies:

-White tulips

-Purple limonium

-Miniature green crysanthemums of some kind

-Floral tape

-An assortment of herbs from the produce section

I also used some of what I call my “wedding ribbon” (which I bought five or six rolls of from Hobby Lobby after noticing it was exactly the color of purple I wanted) to wrap around the base of the boutonniere. (All upcoming photos are by Miss Armadillo.)

Ok, let’s get to work!  First of all, I took one of the white tulips and snipped it about three inches from the base, leaving myself a nice stem to work with.

Next up, I took two sprigs of the limonium and one sprig of rosemary and arranged them around the tulip.  I added a small green crysanthemum in front of the tulip to give it some interest and a different sort of texture.

After I got it to look the way I wanted, I started wrapping the bunch with floral tape, starting at the base of the flowers and working my way down about two inches.  I left the stems partially visible at the bottom to give it sort of a rustic vibe.  Then I went back up the stems with the floral tape to finish it off.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the next step, but I’ll try to explain it as best as I can!  Basically, I took about a foot and a half of my wedding ribbon (which was way too long, FYI) and started to wrap over the floral tape.  I left about four inches of ribbon hanging at the base and then began to wrap my way down the stems and then back up again.  Trim off any excess ribbon and then tie the end you wrapped up with to the end you left hanging at the top so it makes a nice, neat little knot.  See here:

Afterwards, I trimmed the edges of the ribbon at a diagonal and melted the ends a bit so it wouldn’t fray.  That’s all there is to it, folks!  I definitely had more than enough flowers left over to make four more boutonnieres, and the supplies only cost me about $15.  That’s much better than the $15 per boutonniere that most floral shops would charge!  The best parts are a) it only took me about fifteen minutes to make and b)I can proudly claim I made it myself!

This had led me to the decision that I can most certainly make the boutonnieres for the fellas for my wedding day.  If anything, it’ll give me something to do to work away the jitters on the evening before my wedding!

Have you considered DIYing parts of your flowers for your wedding?  Do you think it’s worth the cost effectiveness?  Am I planning on taking on more than I should?


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