A Discussion on Bridezillas

Hello, lovely people of the blogosphere!

I haven’t really thought much of the “bridezilla” phenomenon yet, but after reading this hilariously funny book my college roommate Abby got me for Christmas this past year, I couldn’t help but let it cross my mind.

Diary of a Mad Bride by Laura Wolf/ Image via Amazon

The book is a hilarious fictional account in a diary form of a newly engaged bride who previously was against the entire concept of marriage and spent her time scoffing at how her friends-turned-brides-to-be became total psychos during their wedding planning.  Once she gets engaged and starts planning her own wedding, however, she ends up turning just as psycho as the girls she made fun of.  It’s an easy read and I highly recommend it to anyone who has been a bride, who will be a bride, or who has/will be a bridesmaid.  While the story is fun and cute and approaches the bridezilla topic with humor and a lighthearted spin, it certainly got me thinking.

I haven’t fallen into “bridezilla” mode yet, and I don’t imagine I will, but I started to wonder how many relationships have been broken and strained for other brides during the wedding planning process.  It certainly doesn’t seem worth it to me to treat your closest loved ones like total poo so that “your day” is totally and undeniably “perfect.”  And since when do brides get off thinking the wedding is “their” day?  Shouldn’t it be a day for both you and your fiance’ to share together with the people you love the most?  Women who go into planning a wedding with only their wants and needs in consideration certainly don’t seem to be approaching the concept of weddings and marriage in the best way possible, in my opinion.

At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone will really care about whether the centerpieces effectively balance the size of the reception venue, or whether the linen dinner napkins have a better texture than polyester ones.  In the big picture, wedding day details won’t matter.  What will matter is that you’re happy and in love and get to spend the rest of your life with someone who makes you feel like life couldn’t possibly get any better when you’re together.

Maybe I’m just harping on about this because I haven’t really gotten into the full swing of wedding planning yet and I don’t know what’s about to hit me.  But I have to hope that I’ll keep things in perspective and that the family and friends who love and support me will be there to knock me down a few notches if I start to get out of hand.  Whatever the case, I refuse to put important relationships at stake for a celebration that’ll only last a few hours in the grand scheme of life.

Have you ever witnessed a “bridezilla”?  Have you found yourself falling into bratty bride tendencies and caught yourself before it was too late?


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