Take Your Seats!

I wanna share with you guys one of the first DIY projects I’ve attempted for our big day, and I’m totally thrilled with how they turned out!  What are we talking about?  Why, bride and groom chair signs, of course!

I don’t know if you’ve seen these out and about, but a lot of wedding pictures I’ve come across these days include a photograph of chair signs designating where the bride and groom are sitting(you know…just in case you don’t know who those two people are sitting at the front of the reception venue.)  While they aren’t exactly practical or necessary, I do think they’re pretty adorable.  And so, I would now like to unveil DIY wedding project numero uno!

Ooh, la la! (Photo by Miss Armadillo.)

Photo by Miss Armadillo.

The best part is that these babies were super cheap to make–I’m talking like ten bucks for the pair.  All of my supplies came from Hobby Lobby; all it took were two wooden bases, acrylic paint in vintage white, black and citron green, some spray acrylic lacquer, and a stem of greenery.  They may not be perfect, but I’m really happy with the way they came out.  I’ll be using bright purple ribbon to attach them to the chairs when the big day rolls around.

Photo by Miss Armadillo.

What do we think?  Are you a fan of bride and groom chair signs in general, or do you think they’re an unneccesary DIY project?  What other ways have you seen the special couple’s seats marked?


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