We Are Family

So, I’ve been perusing thousands upon thousands of wedding photographs for inspiration and amidst all the beautiful pictures, I keep coming across a unique alternative to the traditional guestbook–THE WEDDING TREE!

Image via and Photo By Style Unveiled

A witty take on the “family tree,” wedding trees are printed out on some form of paper or canvas and are set out with ink pads or paint for guests to leave their thumb prints on the tree as “leaves.”  Not only is it unique and fun, but it also gives the bride and groom an awesome piece of custom artwork to hang in their new home to remind them of all the people in their lives who love and support their union.

I love this idea!  There’s just something metaphorical about having a barren tree come to life with the help of family and friends that gets me googoo for the whole concept–not to mention it seems to fit perfectly with the whole garden theme I’m attempting to pull off!

Needless to say, the wedding tree guestbook will most likely be making an appearance at the wedding.  I think it’ll be a welcome addition!

What do you think?  Are you in favor of traditional wedding guestbooks, or are you excited when the bride and groom go “out of the box” to provide something unique and different?  Do you think a wedding tree guestbook would be well received by potential guests?


5 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. just keep it up pretty high or something or kids will go crazy (in fact you might want to have someone standing there to help.). But other than that I think it’s a wonderful idea. 🙂

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