In Love With Etsy (or the Achilles Heel of Brides-to-Be)

What’s up, y’all?


Anyone who has ever stumbled upon this fantastic website knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Double points if you’ve just finished planning a wedding or are in the midst of wedding planning yourself.  I mean, C’MON!  They have an entire category of beautiful, handmade, ready to purchase, customizable favors dedicated entirely to the wedding industry.  People from all over the world can show off their crafty skills by opening up a shop on Etsy and offering up deliciously gorgeous items.  And, it just so happens that I have fallen madly, deeply in love with one such item.  Observe exhibit A:

Etsy seller lollipopworkshop makes ADORABLE custom cake toppers.  It’s the details that make these little babies so desirable!  You can find her stall on Etsy here! Anyway, the slightly neurotic/narcissistic side in me flipped a switch, and it suddenly occured to me:  If Miss Lollipopworkshop can make such pretty cake toppers, why can’t I?  A few wooden pegs, some pipe cleaners, some paint and some fabric–it would certainly be healthy for the pocketbook and I could maybe even customize it in a more personal way to really add that homemade charm.  I guess you can say I’ve added this to the neverending list of wedding DIY projects I plan on getting done.  Will I actually end up creating all of the items on my list?  Probably not.  Will I knock out enough of them to justify calling myself a DIY bride?  YOU BETCHA.

In case you’re curious about all of my potential DIY ventures in the near future, here’s a quick list of my plans for all things wedding DIY:

1.  Save-the-dates (I plan on designing them myself and then handing the actual printing process over to some fancy shmancy online service like Vistaprint)

2.  Invitations (hello,!)

3.  Fun little personalized details for the reception like placemats, table numbers, escort cards, signage, etc.

4.  Pomanders for the pews during the wedding ceremony

5.  The guest book

6.  Centerpieces

7.  Decorations for the ceremony and reception

8.  Wedding programs

9.  Favors

*10.  Cake topper!!!!!

Honestly, I have well over a year before my big day, so I feel like I have more than enough time to tackle all of these projects–and I’ll hopefully have the help and aid of certain lovely ladies like my bridesmaids and mom to help me get everything all squared away before the big “I do” rolls around.

Are you an Etsy-obsessed bride-to-be like me?


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